Thursday, March 8, 2007

What a crappy week...but I guess it could be worse

Well I thought Miss H was doing better yesterday evening, then her temp spiked again and she got really fussy and threw up Tylenol, Ibuprofin, Pedialyte, everything again all night...I slept on the living room floor w/ her on a pallet and we both pretty much got no sleep, maybe like 2 hrs TOPS off and on if that even. Sleeping on the floor KILLS my back too, so that really I was getting the bubble guts also, luckily no bathroom runs just feeling icky. Had to call the cops on the damn dog in the house across the street...rotweiler, which isn't an issue except yea I'm scared of big dogs for 1 and 2 their bark is so loud and deep you can hear it through our whole house no joke. It was out there forever, like more than 5 hrs...this is no food, no water, just on a chain in the front yard barking at people because it's bored out of it's mind and wants to go inside. Finally at 12:30 am I called the police dispatch and they sent a couple cop cars and had them take it inside. I mean I know it's not that bad out but come on, don't have a dog if you're going to treat it like crap like that. Then some weird cat came howling at our back patio door, sounded like it was talking swear to God it was freaking creepy. Luckily Zoe came to the rescue and ran it off(my guard kitty) and then she slept on the couch all night keeping watch over us. So today Miss H was pretty pitiful. Crying, no more puking but she still has bad diarea, still has a fever...did get her to eat a bit off an on today...some of her organic apple sauce that she LOVES(just apples, water and Vit. C, very healthy) half of a banana, which is something else she loves. Some sweet potato puffs(which I think I have finally solved the mystery of the raisin looking things in her poop...must be the poofs oddly enough) a couple saltines this morning, some pedialyte off and on although not as much as yesterday afternoon and this late afternoon/evening we finally got her to drink about 9 oz. of watered down formula. She's still awfully cranky and pitiful, still hot and pantsless(and sockless if she has her way). She ate some chicken broth w/ white rice for dinner. Now she's napping again thank God, she was so cranky I didn't know what to do for her. My mom took off work this afternoon to come over and help...I was maybe going to go to work but not after the night/morning we had, no way. I ate the salad and turkey sandwich she brought me from Panera while she stood on the back patio w/ Miss H(she had crawled out the door herself earlier when I let the cat out on her leash, guess she wanted some fresh air...don't blame her)...then while my mom ate I pushed her around the house in her stroller while she babbled and looked generally pissed off although she was having a great time. My mom then took her on a walk while I tried to lay down and take a nap. TRIED, is the important word there. I am so tired. But I feel so crappy and I'm so overly tired and I'm so worried about Miss H, I just laid there, me and my freezing cold feet...and I can't sleep w/ cold feet either. But I was too tired to even get up and put socks on. So I laid there for about an hour, heard my mom come back with Miss H after not even a 10 minute crying, she must be asleep(yea she was). I FINALLY drift off to sleep after making my butt get out of bed for socks. Somebody from the school calls my phone...I don't answer(should have, turns out they were probably calling for an interview since I did just turn in my app. and resume the day before, DAMN) I fell back asleep and then not 30 minutes later Miss H is screeching and crying so loud. I waited about 2 minutes, because I know my mom is perfectly capable of handling her and I need my rest...but I couldn't stand it so I went to see what was wrong...just a diaper change. Jeez, all that fuss for a darn diaper change. So not much of a nap. I did take the opportunity to get my kitchen cleaned up though. Something in my sink was stinking, like a musty cloth or something(never did find out what it was but the smell is gone now?? I hadn't been able to pick it up in a couple days because of Miss H being sick) so anyway that felt good to get that all clean and organized. Looks great. Got the litter box scooped and the carpet in the master bath vacuumed, free of litter now. Then (sigh) mom had to leave for 2nd job at 5:30. I love my daughter, I baby her to pieces esp. when she's sick, but I'm getting tired so now when I hear the squirt of her pooping I think "oh man ANOTHER diaper"...I dread the screaming and fighting, I dread having to go wash my hands AGAIN...and she's crying, and I can't entertain her because not even she knows what she wants. D came home for dinner, I made breaded fish things and some kind of noodles...BLEGH but he liked it. He told me I'm the greatest wife ever. I told him I wish he'd help me out more LOL Anyway she finally fell asleep, and now I'm sitting here wishing I could go to sleep too...but I know she'll wake up soon, and D will be home from work soon too. I'm so out of it, from being so tired and just everything. I hope so bad that she gets some sleep tonight, for her sake and for mine.
In other news, this group, what are they called, NSM or something...National Socialist Movement...heck I don't remember exactly...some neo-nazi coming here for a march Saturday from noon to 5 all around campus. WHY....this is stupid, WHY do they do this, seriously what's the freaking point??? To reek havoc in communites across the US??? Because they showed footage of what happened at the last one in some other state and it was a freaking riot. The city is taking action to try and make sure that doesn't happen here, and they're encouraging everybody to completely stay away from that area Saturday. But this NSM group or whatever they're called, they even put plain clothed members in the crowd to get the crown revved up a bit and creat havok...I don't see how on earth this can go on, how can people just let this happen when we KNOW they're coming? What, free speech or something?? This is just stupid. It scares me, nothing like this has happened here that I know of. And it makes me very angry, that we have to avoid a big part of our city to avoid this whole mess for most of a day. It's all really weird, and yea it's scary.
D leaves this Saturday for his first tournament of the semester. So not looking forward to that. He'll be gone until the next Friday morning!! I hate it when he's gone that long, and it makes it worse that I just CAN'T stay here by myself overnight(I'm ultra paranoid) and also he hates talking on the phone so we never have good convos while he's gone and even get in fights sometimes about the fact that he doesn't seem to want to talk to me while he's gone...which isn't true, he's just so tired by the time coach gives him a chance to call and well he hates talking on the phone regardless of who it's with. :o( I can't wait til the season's over, I miss him so much while he's gone.
Well I guess I'm missing work again tomorrow...I'm going to have at least 2 days of no pay on my next check, and they HATE no pay, it's like a sin. So hopefully I don't get in trouble. I'm ready to walk out of that place as it is, if they get onto me for this I really think I might just say screw you I'm outta here. The only issue is insurance til I find another job. Oh I hate being the one supporting us, that is the man's job!! I cannot wait until he's out of school.

Ok, so there's a bunch of negativity for you. Here are some positives, so I end this on a good note...
~Got my kitchen clean and organized somewhat, yay for me!
~Feeling a bit like supermom/superwife at the moment because through this whole sickness I haven't lost my cool, I've kept up with the pukey laundry, got her bed remade, I've had a shower myself(YES!), babes clean, hubby's happy, I'm not having a breakdown LOL...not too shabby if I do say so myself
~Miss H is still giving me kisses, as crappy as she feels she still shows momma some love...she makes a cute little lip smacking sound, then gives me a big open mouth sweet
~The weather was awesome today and it felt so nice to get out and get some fresh air walking around the drive w/ H...made being tired and feeling cruddy not quite so bad there for a bit
~Dog has not been out barking tonight, yay!
~H is keeping formula down!

Well I guess that's about it for now...

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