Thursday, March 22, 2007

Time Management sucks

One of the things my boss is doing to whip me into shape and make me a better employee (GRRR) is making me read this wonderful book on time management. Did I say wonderful?? Oh I'm sorry I meant STUPID ANNOYING INCREDIBLY BORING MAKING ME FEEL VERY UNORGANIZED AND STRESSED OUT book. The first line in this book is "Time keeps on slipping...into the future" - Steve Miller Band in "Fly Like an Eagle".....way to start off the book, make me realize how much time I'm wasting as I read this book on how not to waste time... I'm wondering who in the hell wrote this, they keep referring to songs....About time, they say "Like "ole man river," it just keeps rolling along." I finally get to the 2nd page(and this is not a large book's really not holding my attention--can you tell??) It goes over a scene where your task is a simple one...finish a report for your boss by the end of the day and arrive at your son's recital at school on time. And it says you rush around like a chicken w/ it's head cut off all day, don't finish the report, get in your car and it won't start because you left your lights on all day, rush to the recital only to walk in late and see your son taking his final bow...and it says "What did you accomplish? You are nervous, harried, worried, disheveled and in trouble at work and at home. How can you prevent this from happening again? GET ORGANIZED!" NO SHIT?!?!? That's all??? That's crazy, why didn't I think of that?? Maybe I should put my time to better use(instead of wasting it at this crappy job where I'm not appreciated and evidently don't get a lick of work done) and write a book on time management myself...because seriously I could have written this book. And the whole time I'm reading, not comprehending anything I've read, all I can think is WHY ON EARTH DO WE HAVE TO HAVE MUSIC AT WORK, THIS CRAPPY MUSIC IS DRIVING ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE

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