Friday, March 16, 2007


It's finally Friday again, YAY!!!!!!! Actually this week has flown by. D was gone all week but we were so busy I didn't even have time to sit and pine for him like I usually do. I am very happy he's home though, it was so nice to cuddle up next to him in bed last night. I did what I usually do, cuddle up next to him so bad I literally almost push him off the bed...he has like 2 ft. of space if that to sleep on and we've got a queen bed. Hopefully he's happy to be home to :o) Miss H was so happy to see him this morning. She smiled really big and giggled and then stuck her finger in his belly button. She fell asleep on the living room floor last night about 8:00 and I couldn't get her to wake up enough so I put her pjs on her at 9:00 and rocked her to sleep w/ a bottle and she slept all night til 7:40 this morning when she woke up because she'd pooped. I could tell she was so tired. I don't know if it's the time change or how busy we've been or what, but she needed the rest. She was in a GREAT mood when she woke up this morning.

I absolutely love my drive to work every day. I take the back roads through the country because it's actually faster and WAY better scenery. It's so nice w/ no traffic, and I see deer and turkeys and chickens on the way there, and little birds swoop around my car. It's so peaceful!

I got a call from the school system last night wanting to set up an interview w/ me! They called while I was still at work and by the time I got off they were closed so I was going to call them back at lunch today using D's phone(mine's still messed up)...and they just called again! I can't answer because 1. they couldn't hear me talk anymore since my phone's messed up and 2. I'm at work! My mom just emailed me(she works for the school system at an elementary school) and said they just called her asking if I'd gotten my message yesterday! She told them I'd be calling them at lunch. I haven't turned in my 3 letters of recommendation yet, I need to get a move on on that. I'm so excited though...this is a payroll job requiring 2 yrs of experience, and I have accounts payable experience not payroll. But I applied anyway thinking what could it hurt, and they are actually interviewing me! It's really hard to get a job w/ the school system though so I'm not getting my hopes up. But how cool would that be? And the pay is more than I make here, AND they would pay for my health insurance! I would still have to pay group rates for H and D, but that would help a ton if they'd pay mine. So we'll see what happens with that...

Busy day so far, a million cks to do. Thank God it's Friday. Trying to figure out what I'm going to do tonight, don't know when D's going to be home. I was thinking about going by this children's used clothing store, I used to get some of H's clothes there when she was a little baby, but they've gotten kind of pricey. The stuff is really good condition but still it's used...I don't really want to pay 7.50 for a Gap onesie when I could buy a brand new one for not much more than that! But sometimes I would find really good deals, cute little dresses or whatnot for 2.00 or so. I'm really wanting to go to Old Navy, but we don't have any money...I need a couple more of their knit skirts since I wear those a TON in the summer and the ones I had last year are way too big now. And some tank tops, since my boobs also shrank quite a bit since last summer...since I quit breastfeeding they've steadily shrank. Will probably end up just hanging around the house...wish it was still warm, I'd love to take H on a walk!

Better get to work...D's meeting me for lunch today, I'm looking forward to that.


Ashley said...

I love that you post everyday. I just don't have enough stuff to even write down. I'm crossing my fingers for you on that job. That would totally rock, get you out of the hell hole you're in now.

Erin said...

Hopefully my posts aren't totally boring to read, I just write about my day or whatever random thought is going through my head at the moment!