Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's to hoping...

Things have brightened considerably in the recent months. A little update...

~I quit my job at the daycare I was working for. It was turning Hailey into a MONSTER. The kids there were so bad. And they worked my ass off, 10 hour days, for about 3.60 an hour (what my pay came down to after I paid Hailey's fee to attend). So as soon as D got a job, I quit. And I'm so happy I did. Hailey's getting back to normal now that we're home again.

~I started watching a little girl at home. I'll be keeping my nephew as well as soon as the registration with the state goes through. He's state paid. I'm already making more money now, with just one kid, than I was making at that daycare. Which means between D's job and mine, we can finally pay all our bills. Thank God.

~I finally gave D a last ultimatum months ago. I think between me calmly telling him that if he doesn't start acting like a husband I'm getting my own place, and him having such a rough time finding a job without help from family for once...he grew up. His eyes finally opened. He FINALLY heard what I was saying, and took it to heart. He's been amazing. Not like helping around the house once in a while, playing with Hailey once in a while like he used to, amazing...but like REALLY amazing. Like I finally have a husband I brag about. And want to spend time with. And MISS when he's gone. It's totally weird. He talks to me. He takes interest in our lives. He's INVOLVED. He plays with Hailey a ton. They've become little buddies. He even talks to my family now...tells my mom things about Hailey when she comes over, and even talks to my cousin. She told me recently that when he started doing card tricks on her, she knew she'd been accepted. LOL Things have been great. He's finally grown up. God it took him long enough.

~With that said, we've decided to start trying for another baby. We're finally at a place where it would be a good thing. Hailey's at the right age, we're getting along better than we ever have, we're somewhat financially stable, I'm able to stay home AND make's the perfect situation. And I can't wait. I've never been able to really try for a baby before. We tried for one month after I was let go from my job back in May...we thought since I was going to be home from then on, it was a good time. But I went back on the pill right away when I found out we weren't successful that month, since things weren't looking so good between D and I. So for really the first time in my life, I'm finally TRYING for a baby. I didn't get to appreciate Hailey as a baby, and I cannot WAIT for the next one. I feel like I already love it and it's not even real yet LOL This will be my first time experiencing that joy and love at first sight. My mom's finally ready to be a grandma again as well. All that she asks is that we have another little girl. :) I'm hoping for another little girl as well, but anything is fine as long as it's healthy! We've just started our 2nd month trying, so hopefully we won't have to wait TOO long!

~I've started really figuring out the little things that make me happy, and doing those things for myself. This year WILL be a better year. Last year was insane. This year I'm taking things day by day, and really appreciating EVERYTHING we have, appreciating the time we have together, and remembering it's the little things in life that count. I'm drinking hot tea more. And coffee. I found these amazing coffee bags, just like tea bags...that make great single cups of coffee! I'm horrible at brewing a pot. I'm reading more. I'm watching a couple TV shows that I love without missing episodes. I hold Hailey's hand. I read her books. Lots of books. We love books! I look forward to cuddling with Hailey in bed every night. She sleeps with me now. D snores so super bad, it finally came to a point where we just had to start sleeping in separate rooms. And although everyone says it's better for Hailey to sleep in her own room...we just don't care. My favorite part of the day is cuddling up with her in bed, reading books, watching about 10 minutes of one of her movies, and then falling asleep with her snuggled up to my back. I love it.

~We found out after my sister moved to Haw.aii that her husband has to be deployed yet AGAIN. This time to Afghanistan. This will be his 3rd deployment. She's alone in Haw.aii. I've offered to let her stay with us for the months that he's gone. I hate to think of her being alone. She's like me. We need our people.
SO, here's to hoping. Hoping that my brother in law comes back home to us healthy and safe. Hoping for another baby. And hoping that 2010 proves to be a MUCH better year than 2009...that this year will be full of happiness and peace for my family!!