Thursday, October 30, 2008


Remember the pictures I posted below in THIS post??

Turns out they aren't zits...

Convo between Hailey and my mom last night:

Mom: "Hailey why do the people have zits all over their faces?"

Hailey: "They not zits! They ipples!"

Mom: "You mean pimples??"

Hailey: "NO! IPPLES! LIKE THESE!" (as she pulls up her shirt and points to her nipples...)


Just when I thought she had this "face" drawing thing down...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

13 Tag Designs!

Hailey Faces

My little girl draws faces now and it is just TOO cute. She does them complete with eyebrows and hair...and for some reason, zits?? Or something...polka dots for some reason LOL

Shop News

I'm working on some stuff that I am SUPER excited about...

First off, I got an order for 30 assorted Christmas tags and I am having so much fun coming up with ideas! I went to Hobby Lobby at lunch today and got some more supplies...I'll post pics when I'm done tonight!!

I've also got some ideas for some more of the 3x3 mini cards for Christmas/winter that involves stamping in silver ink! Too fun! I'm also FINALLY going to add some punches to the shop as I got a set of Christmas punches today finally! The set included a snowman, Christmas tree, ornament and a snowflake!

Now a question for all of you! What colors are you going to be looking for in a Christmas card this year? What color combos do you find pretty? Thanks!!

I'm hoping and praying that this shop really takes off. Besides the obvious need for extra money, whenever something buys something I've made it gives me a huge boost of confidence. I feel important knowing I can do something extra to bring in money!

And the winner is...

The winner of the Excess Baggage children's apron is....Seeryus Mama! Congratulations!

Monday, October 27, 2008

This is too cool!

While browing the Etsy forums today I came across a post that asked opinions on a new item they'd posted. After clicking on the link I was taken to a listing that I am SO INCREDIBLY excited about, I just HAD to share.

Everybody knows I've tried my hand at making hair clips for Hailey. I've even made a couple bow boards to hold all her clips and bows. The problem is, when we're out and about sometimes I suddenly need a hold Hailey's hair out of her eyes when it's windy or out of her face while we eat etc. and I don't have one on hand because if I keep them in my purse, they end up at the bottom ruined. Or sometimes we're out and Hailey decides she doesn't want to wear a clip anymore, so again it ends up at the bottom of my purse to be ruined. I hadn't figured out a solution to this problem until I happened upon that forum post today...when I found this!!

It's like a little portable bow board! Just add your clips, fold it up, snap and go! How cool is that!? It'll work for alligator and french clips too, as well as the snap clips pictured above! This clip holder isn't just for travel either...hang it on a door knob at home, or suction cup it to your bathroom mirror and voila! Instant mini bow board! That way when it's time to leave the house, just fold, snap and go...with all your clips in tow! Fully extended, this clip holder is 21 inches long by 4 inches wide so it's a really nice size! And the price isn't bad at all either! If I had any extra money right now we would definitely be purchasing one of these nifty little things! If you've got a little girl and she wears hair clips (or know a little girl who does and need a gift for her), you have to go check out this clip holder at Cutesie Clips!! And while you're there, check out some of her hair clips...they're just too cute!

Hello Jack Frost

Well, my furnace is fixed, YAY!!! We have such a nice maintenance man. Not only did he not require me to be home, he also called to ask if 70 degrees was an okay temperature to leave my thermostat on. How sweet is he?? Thank God it's fixed...gonna get COLD tonight! There's a freeze advisory! Better bring in my plants and unhook the hose!

See, this day's looking up already! :)


It's definitely a Monday.

Last night as I was lying in bed with Hailey something told me to let her sleep with us. She wasn't asking and she would have gone to sleep in her own bed. But I trust my instincts so she slept with us last night. Which means not a very good night's sleep for D and I...but it's a good thing I did. This morning while I was standing at the bathroom sink washing my face the heat kicked on. There's a vent right in front of the sink that I stand on to keep my feet warm. Not this morning. It was like the air conditioner kicked on. Lovely. No wonder the rest of the house was so cold. Our room was okay since the three of us slept in there but the rest of the house was freezing. Hailey would have been so cold if she'd slept in her own bed. Another plus of simple call to the friendly maintenance guy and they're going to have a repair guy go and take a look. And fix it with no cost to me. Because I don't own the place...YAY!

She's still coughing bad from her cold, to the point where it's gagging her. I feel so bad for her. My husband's got it too, so of course he's convinced he's got strep and just SO sick...although that didn't stop him from hunting and playing golf Saturday...SIGH

Then I realized as I go out to get the car started warming up that I forgot to get gas yesterday. And the gas light was on. And my car was about to die. So I hurried Hailey out the door and had to go get gas. That's when I noticed the highway that I take to get to work was down to one lane and moving extremely slow.

My mom called me on her way to work this morning and informed me that the bag of bread I bought her at Walmart yesterday (along with the two loaves I bought for us) had a gnat in the bag. GROSS. And this was good Sara Lee bread too! I got all three loaves from the same batch (same sell by date) so now I'm paranoid about the loaves I bought for us. Makes me not want to eat the pb&j I made for lunch today! What would you do if you were in my situation??? Would you take your two loaves of bread back too? My mom's taking hers back. She saved the gnat in a baggy LOL but would you eat yours? It's not like I checked my bag for gnats. One thing's for sure...I'm not buying Sara Lee bread anymore.

Hailey's supposed to get her flu shot this evening. The dr. said they'll still give it to her with her cold if I'm comfortable with it. Why would I not be? She wouldn't give me an answer to that. I don't know what the hell I'm doing, I mean she's my first kid...that's why I asked the dr. (well ok, the nurse...) and I was sort of expecting a better answer/explanation. So do I reschedule the shot and have to wait another few weeks for her to get it??? I'm not sure what to do!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've been MIA lately, I know. I've been so insanely busy. Work is CA-RAZY, no joke. Piles of work EVERYWHERE. I'm drowning in invoices, with no end in sight. And the piles just keep getting bigger. SCARY stuff.

The baby shower last weekend went amazingly well! My sister in law's work buddies were so sweet to me and my sister in law had a great time! Here's a picture of the table...Ain't it purdy?? Anywho...more good news...Hailey's potty trained! YAY!! It is so awesome to not have to worry about changing diapers anymore. And it's all thanks to M&M's! Which she doesn't ask for anymore by the way. I'd read somewhere that a lady used one bag of M&M's to potty train her little girl, and I have to say it worked PERFECTLY for Hailey. One bag is all it took! (Actually she has some brown ones left over...apparently they don't taste as good as the colored ones, because they're Boring Brown.)

Some not so great news...I recently found out my husband failed to inform me that he is only part time at school this year. HELLO, would have been wonderful to know that BEFORE I got the bills from my buddies Mohela and Sally Mae wanting their money starting December. That's over $200 a month we just don't have right now. I mean he's not working! He's still in school! And too lazy to spend his spare time working! So I'm totally freaking out about what to do. This really pushed me to start my Etsy shop, which people have been encouraging me like crazy to do anyway. I figured if I'm going to have a hobby and do something I love, I should try to make some money doing it. Since my health problems prevent me from working a second job, and I'm doing these crafts to make myself happy (um, and keep myself from going completely batty) I might as well do what makes me happy AND make money, right?? Well, let's hope. I'm trying my darndest. I *hopefully* have a custom order in the works. I'm going to work on that tonight. I'll be adding more and more each day...I've got some cute Christmas/Wintery tags in the works!! Any special requests, just let me know! I'm working on getting my photos to come out ok...they either seem to turn out too dark or w/ the color off. Unfortunately, my camera is not the best at taking pictures of things like this. So oh yea, I guess I should post the banner to my shop...

TA DA...
Oh yea, and I guess I should detail what I'm selling...tags, punches, confetti, cards, that sort of thing. I have a LOT to list in the upcoming weeks!

Another thing going on that has prevented me from getting much done this week. Darned dr. appointments. Monday I had to go across town to get blood drawn. (ew) Yesterday was my last appointment (completely POINTLESS taking my money for NOTHING appointment) with the rheumatologist. Today I met with my GP to talk about the results of my sleep study (apparently I'm a totally crappy sleeper, go figure) and what to do about it. 2 hours, 2 prescriptions and a million new worries later, I drove back across town and hit up the local craft store to buy myself a snowflake punch. You know, to make me feel better. Some people use alcohol, some use chocolate...I use crafts. LOL I know, I'm a nerd. So the meds they put me for my reflux, not a big deal except that's another 10$ a month. The other is a medicine for Parkinsen's. Yea...not excited about taking that one. It's supposed to help with the RLS (because apparently in the 6.5 hrs. I slept that night at the hospital, my legs moved over 270 times...and apparently, that's a lot...) but it can also cause fatigue. So I'm going to cure my fatigue, and in return, probably get more fatigue. Uh huh. And how is that supposed to be an effective solution?? They've also referred (or forwarded, which is the term that seems more appropriate in this situation) me to a neurologist to rule out narcolepsy and a couple other sleep issues that I don't remember the name to. Good Lord I don't have narcolepsy! And they want me to do another sleep study, this time a night and the whole next day. Do they not understand these things cost money? And time off work that I can't afford to take?

What I NEED is for my husband to buck up and grow some balls and be a real man and take care of his wife and kid. Is there a pill out there for that? I won't even ask for the generic, I promise...

Reid's Reserves

Anyone that knows me knows of my obsession for hair bows. I am constantly on the lookout for new hair bows for Hailey's collection. Gotta fill up that bow board, right?! :) I've tried my hand at making quite a few, and while I don't do too bad I just can't match up to the talent of some.

Sandy is one of the people that has far superior bow-making abilities than I. She is the proud owner of a lovely Etsy shop called Reid's Reserves in which she sells the cutest little hair bows and clips!
(I love this set!!)
Sandy sells adorable matching sets that can be mixed and matched. Her clips have a non-slip lining to they'll stay in that super-fine hair that little girls have. It's just enough to do the job without adding any bulk to the clip! The hair bows that Sandy makes are attached to little butterfly clips. This makes them so easy to clip over pig tails! I attached Hailey's just above the base of her pig tails, directly to the hair on her head, and they stayed put all day. Even while she was running all over the house playing! We got lots of comments on how adorable the bows are. Everybody wanted to know if I made them (unfortunately not...) and where I got them.
Hair bows and clips are such an easy way to dress up a little girl and give that final touch to an outfit. And with the cost being so low, you can afford to have some to match each special outfit! Low cost does NOT mean low quality...I know these bows will last Hailey a long time!

Looking for Christmas themed bows? Sandy will be posting a lot of those soon! But don't wait til then, check out Reid's Reserves today! Her bows and clips are just too cute to pass up!

I feel so honored!

Wendy over at WeSnLaNi passed along this Brilliante Blog award to me. How sweet is she?!?!

Here are the rules:

1. Place the logo on your blog.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. You can nominate up to 5 blogs.
4. You can then add their links to your blog.
5. Leave a message in the comment section to each nominee on their blog.

So, I have to pass this on...this is always the hard part because I love all the blogs I read! If I didn't, I would read them! :)

1. Owl Haven
2. Joanna
3. Kristin
4. Jenni
5. Christina

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Excess Baggage -- Review and Giveaway!

I am SO super excited about my latest Etsy find!! While browsing for Christmas gift ideas for Hailey I came across Excess Baggage. Excess Baggage, Inc. is a family owned company. Barb is a stay-at-home-mom of four who began sewing in Junior High School! Her family runs two sites, Excess Baggage (where you can find show schedules and more info on local shows they're involved in, as well as order their lovely products!) and Excess Baggage on Etsy. They design and create their products right in their home using high quality materials. Some of the products they carry are: fabric bags/purses, child's aprons, and baby accessories. Their bags are lightweight yet sturdy enough to stand on their own and can stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. These attributes are absolutely necessary in any purse I own. I want it to look cute and feel lightweight, but at the same time I'm on the go so much I need the purse that will hold up well and withstand all the work I put it through! Hailey was lucky enough to get to try out one of their small child's aprons. She's such a girly girl and loved it right away! She demanded I put it on and insisted on wearing it the rest of the night. They are very well made. Their craftsmanship is couldn't buy something this well made at a Big Name store. They show great attention to detail...everything looks very professional. I really love the little "Excess Baggage" tag they attach...while it seems like such a small detail, it really puts the finishing touch on their products! Hailey was also sent a matching Addy Bag. They're just the right size for a little girl! Hailey started in right away putting all her new hair bows in the bag to carry around. I also found that while the apron and bag aren't in use, the apron folds up and fits inside the bag perfectly! Hailey has already received many wonderful comments on her adorable apron and matching bag. Everybody wants to know where she got it.
See something you like on their shop but want something a little different? Have your own ideas of how you want something to look? Excess Baggage welcomes custom orders!
Think Hailey's apron is just too cute? Excess Baggage would like to give one lucky reader a Child's Apron from their Etsy shop! All you have to do to enter is:

1. Visit Excess Baggage, take a look around the shop and come back here and leave a comment on this post with your favorite item from their shop!

2. To get a second entry, blog about this giveaway on your the post you MUST link back to this post AND Excess Baggage and then leave a SECOND comment on this post telling me you did so.

If you don't have a blog or don't have your email address listed on your blog, please leave your email address in your comment. If I can't get in touch with the winner I'll be forced to choose a new one.

The contest will end October 27th. After the winner is contacted they will have 3 days to respond. If they don't respond in that time frame I'll have to pick a new winnter.

Good luck everyone!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And the winner is...

The winner of my very first giveaway for the handmade bow board is...

Here are your random numbers:4
Timestamp: 2008-10-19 02:58:25 UTC

Seeryus Mama!! Congrats!!

If I haven't heard from the winner by the end of Tuesday I'll pick a new winner.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Betty Lou Handmade Arts and Crafts

While searching Etsy for scrabble tile pendants I came across Betty Lou Handmade Arts and Crafts. A lot of the scrabble tile pendant shops carry a lot of the same images on their tiles...that's one of the things I love about Betty Lou--she carries designs I haven't seen anywhere else! I fell in love with her Amish Quilt tile. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE quilts?? Who knew I'd find a scrabble tile quilt!! I had to have it. Quilts are comforting to me...they remind me of my Grandma and that comfort I got from spending time with, quilting, and snuggling in the recliner.Betty Lou carries many interesting designs including scrabble tile pendants with movie images such as Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, Wizard of Oz...even Mickey! Feel the need to announce on a pendant which political party you're offiliated with? She's got those too!
Pregnant? She's got tiles for that too!

Head on over to Betty Lou Handmade Arts and Crafts and check it out!

Lisa's Shop

Love the look of handmade tags, envelopes, embellishments etc. but don't have the time (or don't want to put forth the effort) to make them yourself? Need supplies such as buttons, gift boxes, paper or baggies? Then check out Lisa's Shop...she has all of the above, and more! She even does shipping labels!

I personally love the mini cards and mini envelopes Lisa makes. They would be super cute attached to a gift or used as a little thank you note!I also love the larger envelopes she makes! They give a personal touch to every piece of mail you send. Who wouldn't like to receive a letter that came in one of these pretty envelopes! They would also be great for mailing smaller gifts to family and friends without the bother of wrapping! Imagine opening your mailbox and seeing one of these pretties in the middle of that stack of bland junk mail and bills. How fun and exciting!
If you're looking for these sorts of supplies, or you just need a fun shop to browse, check out Lisa's Shop today!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two things that, while necessary, I feel are a HUGE pain in my ass and I hate doing:

Going to the bathroom. I hate the whole getting up out of your chair, having to take off your pants, GOING, having to wipe, pulling your pants back up, washing your hands...God what a chore.

Taking a shower. I hate getting wet unless it's like 105 degrees outside and I MUST get in the water to cool off. I hate having to get naked...I don't wanna see that! And I freeze. Then there's the whole getting in the water...I hate going from dry to wet like that. BLEGH. It's such a pain to wash your whole body, which is why I rarely make it to shaving my legs. I shave my toes and let it be. Who cares that I look like a monkey from my waist to my ankles right? By the time I'm done I'm like "THANK GOD that's over!" Then I have to dry off and wipe off the damn mascara that's smeared under my eyes even though I JUST washed my face, put moisturizer on my face, QTip my ears, put on lotion, brush my rats nest tangled mess head of hair and find clean clothes to put on. Good Lord talk about exhausting.

I do however LOVE brushing my teeth.

And I LOVE feeling clean. So going to all that trouble, as exhausting and annoying as it all is, is totally worth it...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I think it's time to recall this old post...just because the hat makes me smile.

Harsh Reality

I've been on edge this week.

The lady that used to do my job retired. I took her place. Every now and then she comes back to help us out. No big deal. She sits at the front desk answering phones, doing basically...well, my old job, actually. I'm totally fine with that.

But this time has been different. This time they stuck her in the empty area at the other end of my office. The area they use for storage. So she's sitting over there, listening to everything I do. Every phone call I make. Every swish of an invoice, every typed word. And every time she leaves her "area" I can feel her eyes prying into me, watching my every move. Judging me because right now I'm OBVIOUSLY not entering an invoice. Judging me because I can't do the job NEARLY as well as she did in the 12 years she held this position. JUDGING.

I'm not going overboard here. Believe me.

So yea, I've been on edge...I mean it would be hard NOT to be in this situation. I don't want to have to explain to her. I shouldn't HAVE to explain to her...the fact that I can't do as well as she did because my body is failing me while she's the epitome of health at retirement age.

I already feel like crap as it is, with piles of work sitting around me. Knowing that there's no way I can get it all done. Because I'm sitting here with sharp stabbing needle like pains shooting down my arms and through my knees...with throbbing hips and aching fingers. And so drowsy I could drop off to sleep in a second if I were able to lay down. I'm trying. But it's not enough. And it's stressing me out. I can handle my personal life. I can't handle the immense workload of my job. While I'm here I feel like I'm barely staying afloat, with my head just bobbing above water. When 4:30 comes it's like someone's pulled me to safety. No matter what I have to do that night, what errands I have to run, what tasks I have to complete at home, it's ok...I can handle that. Because I can go at my own pace. Make my own schedule. Spend time with my little cutie patootie and just be me. No stares, no looks of judgement, no never-ending piles of work. Dishes didn't get done tonight because I spent time doing crafts?? NO BIG DEAL! Taking two hours to make my sister in law's baby shower invites instead of just one? Who cares!

I know I'm not able to go fast enough at my job or work non-stop all day with no rest, so I fall behind. I know this. I don't need super AP clerk from the past coming back to judge my every move, reminding me every day what I already know in my heart. That I'm not cut out for this job. Not anymore.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So crafty

I posted before about the invitations I made for my sister in law's baby shower I'm throwing this weekend...
Tonight I made confetti to decorate the table! She's doing the baby's room in pink, purple and green so I bought a purple table cloth and will decorate the table with this confetti made of green swirls and two shades of pink teddy bears!
I'm seriously comtemplating opening an Etsy shop selling these sorts of products. Confetti, punches, tags, cards etc. I'm having a horrible time coming up with a name! Any suggestions??

Monday, October 13, 2008

Knit Knots by Stephanie

Stephanie had been selling her hand knitted items on Ebay for 2 years when she decided last month to open Knit Knots by Stephanie and start selling on Etsy! She hand knits hats, mittens and baby snuggle bags. I came across her shop while browsing Etsy and fell in love with her hats! One in particular I just had to have. It looked so sparkly and soft and I loved the white poof ball on top! I knew Hailey would love it!Stephanie welcomes custom orders...need an item you see in a different size? No problem! I had to get Hailey's hat in a bigger size as Hailey has quite a big head and I wanted to make sure it would fit her all winter. Stephanie was more than happy to help me out! She was so incredibly helpful and SO nice throughout the whole process! The hat was done amazingly fast and she even emailed me a picture which I thought was too cool! Talk about excellent customer service! The hat arrived in only a couple days and it's even cuter in person! And talk about SOFT! The hat is very well made...excellent craftsmanship. It's hard to see in the picture but the yarn is shimmery/sparkly. We absolutely love it. Hailey had to put it on right away!I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with this purchase. Excellent quality, excellent price, top notch customer service...if you're looking for a winter hat (or mittens etc.) for your kiddo, I highly suggest you check out Stephanie's shop, Knit Knots by Stephanie. You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Fest 2008!

Thank God the weather cooperated and we were able to attend Hailey's 3rd Pumpkin Festival today! She had such a good time, even though she was a little tired. I couldn't get a smile out of her for ANYTHING when it came to pictures. She was happy though, I promise! She even told me, "Mommy I'm happy!" :)

So, without further ado, Pumpkin Fest 2008!
See her jack-o-latern scrabble tile necklace? Yep, that's from Home Studio! She loves it!
Like the hair clip?? I made it myself! :)
Hailey insisted on trying out every single one of these chairs...

And more big news on the potty training front! Hailey really wanted to wear underpants to the festival today but I talked her into wearing an Easy Up by explaining to her about the lines that sometimes form for the porta potties and how she didn't want to have to change her clothes there if she had an accident. I also promised her she could put underpants on when she got home. I'm proud to say her Easy Up was dry when we got home over 4 hours later and she even peed in a porta potty!! (Luckily it actually smelled nice in there and she exclaimed "Mommy I like this potty!") She has continued to poop in the potty every day and LOVES wearing her "underpants" (what she calls her panties). Yay Hailey!

I'm so confident that we're done with diapers that I even used one today to insulate a leaky container that we carried her juice in! You better bet I got some odd looks when I was securing the diaper around it after we ate lunch...but hey, whatever works, right?? It kept it cold and kept the leaks out of our bag!

Friday, October 10, 2008

What do you think?

While shopping with my mother in law last night I found a scarf that I fell in love with. I'm a winter scarf type of girl, but not an accessory scarf type of girl...but I had to have it. I rarely spend money on myself at all, let alone for something like a scarf accessory I had no idea how to even USE. But, I loved it. So I bought it. And really, I played with it so much in the store, it had my cooties all over it really, I HAD to buy it. I mean it would have been rude not to, right? That's my excuse anyway.

So this is Option 1 for use of the scarf...what do you think? Have any other ideas/suggestions??

Just a little favor...

I have single-handedly cleared the candy bowl at work of all pink Starbursts. They are so incredibly good.

So I just wanna know one thing. Something I've wondered since I was a little girl. WHY do they not sell these in bags by themselves? As in, let me buy a bag of nothing but strawberry Starbursts. Or one of those little logs, if they know, how they sell the regular assorted flavors. It's not that I don't LIKE the other flavors, I just don't LOVE them like I love the yummy pink ones.

That's one of those things that I always dreamed my husband would do for me. I know I'm weird. But I always dreamed of getting a big bag of strawberry Starbursts from my loving husband who hand picked them out of a huge bag of assorted know, for like an anniversary gift or something. Or a birthday gift. To me, thoughtfulness like that shows love. The husband I chose, however, probably doesn't even remember that I like Starbursts, let alone realize how obsessed I am with the pink ones. And even if he did, he wouldn't go to all that trouble. Because unfortunately, he's just not that type of guy.

So, since my husband lacks any sort of thoughtfullness whatsoever, I'm begging and pleading with the makers of Starburst...will you PLEASE, FINALLY, after ALL these years, sell bags of pink Starbursts?? Pretty please?? I'm asking nicely!!
Sometimes when Hailey's acting silly I tell her she's crazy. She loves it. Last night she got to go to my mom's while I shopped with my MIL (we had so much fun!). She was peeing on the potty (HELLO, she's doing awesome! She's in UNDERPANTS at the sitter's today!!) and acting really silly. My mom told her "Hailey, you're crazy!" Hailey said "I'm not crazy, I'm just happy!" :)