Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Char Ouellette Sisters Journey Necklace

When I found out for sure my sister was moving to California to be with her husband when he got back from Iraq, I knew I had to get her a very meaningful going away present. I knew I was going to miss her very badly and I needed something that showed her just how much I care about her. With her history, I wanted her to have something that she could look at and know that no matter how bad it might get, she's never alone. Even if we're thousands of miles apart. I'll always be there for her. I searched and searched and when I came across this necklace I knew it was the perfect gift. It said what I felt and is a physical reminder for her just how much I care about her.

Char Ouellette is so incredibly nice and helpful and her craftsmanship is amazing! This necklace was even prettier in person than it looks in the pictures! It came packaged so nicely in this gift box, I didn't have to do a thing to it to be able to give it as a gift!

When my sister opened the box she loved it right away. I explained the meaning to her and had her read the card and then told her that it was handmade. That really meant a lot to her. I'm so glad I found this really made that day extra special.

The card reads:

"~Just as our lives intertwine, so do these sterling silver hoops~

One smooth ring symbolizes those easy, smooth sailing times in our lives that we laughed through together. One roughly hammered ring symbolizes the tough, rough times we cried through together, supporting each other no matter what.

This necklace is for you dear sister to symbolize our journey together."

Thanks again Char!

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