Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just an update!

Things have been going pretty well lately! Quick update, I'll write more later...

~My sleep study went as well as it could have gone! I was actually able to get to sleep even though I was hooked up to dozens of wires with sensors glued all over my head and body! I looked like a robot! I was so wishing I'd remembered my camera! LOL They think I have restless leg syndrome, but I'll know the full results within a week.

~D has been offered another job, this one closer to home! Of course neither one has been using his degree! They've both been golf-related jobs...which I guess he probably wouldn't have gotten to know these people and made these contacts without his school connections, so at least his schooling has been good for something! This one sounds more exciting and it's something he could start on in the Spring! I'm really hoping it works out!

~I'm finally getting closer to getting my house organized, even though I've been super busy with fun projects like my latest crafts and planning my sister in law's baby shower! I'm loving that I'm making more "me time" lately and getting closer to my sister in law...her finally having a little girl is really bringing us together! I can't wait to have a little baby niece!! I'm going to spoil her rotten!

That's it for now, more later I promise!!

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Tabitha said...

No offense taken. I was checking out your blog because you convo'd me on etsy. I wish you all the best!