Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a morning

First off, Hailey slept through the night...I found no little girls standing beside my bed in the middle of the night last night! YAY!

Secondly, I had a great night last night. My sister in law called me about 30 minutes before I was leaving work, wondering what I was doing that evening. I met her at the mall, had dinner and we shopped for my new niece! Have I mentioned how excited I am for her to get here?!?! I think they may just get super annoyed with how obsessed I'm going to be about her! LOL I bought her a couple of really cute outfits at Penneys! I am so jealous at the baby girl stuff they have out these days, SO much cuter than when Hailey was a baby! We totally wore each other out and were both waddling VERY slowly by the time we left. Her because she's carrying a big ol' baby in her belly, me because I'm just, well, crippled. I hurt SO BAD. But it was fun, so it was worth it. I also gave her her baby shower invite, the one I posted pics of in an earlier post, and she LOVED it! I got a HUGE hug for that one. I knew she would appreciate it, but I didn't know just how much. She loved it so much that now she wants us to make the birth announcements as well. So all the effort was worth it. Made me feel pretty darn good to see just how much she liked/appreciated my work.

So, about this morning. It started off with my husband's annoyingly loud alarm going off during what seemed to me to be the middle of the night. Until I looked at the clock and realized it was 6:40, and my alarm hadn't gone off for whatever reason, and I was supposed to be up 40 minutes ago! I jumped up, rushed through getting ready, and something just told me the cat was going to dump her water cup all over the bathroom floor. About a minute later she hops up there and dumps her water all over the bathroom floor. I didn't even have time to clean it up. Thank God for tile floors. (Oh and yea, did you catch that? My cat insists on drinking out of one certain cup which much be on the bathroom countertop. She has another one on my nightstand to prevent her from drinking out of MY cup, which she also loves to do. Hailey already knows which cups are Z's and which ones are safe to drink out of. LOL) Oh and did I mention my dreams all night were about me being at WORK?? So I felt like I never left. Totally crappy when that happens, I hate it! But oh well, I'm looking on the bright side.

Hailey woke up dry and peed in the potty again this morning. I really think we've got this potty training thing down. For the first time this morning as she was walking down the stairs beside me, I thought "Oh my gosh, I really might not have to buy diapers anymore...I really don't have a baby anymore." Exciting, but sad at the same time. As much as I'm ready for another, as much as Hailey's BEYOND ready for a little brother or sister, and even as much as my husband has started talking about "you know if you got pregnant now, she'd be 3 and 1/2 by the time it was born!" I know in my heart now isn't the right time. For one, we couldn't afford the daycare. Two, even if we could, my body just cannot handle it right now. I have to be honest with myself about that. I've gotten much worse than I was when I got pregnant with Hailey. I could barely walk by the time 3/4 of my pregnancy with her was over...I'm scared the next one is going to be way worse. If I can harldy walk carrying my own weight around some days, how am I going to carry an extra 40 lbs around all centered in my belly (ok and my butt, and thighs LOL)., looking on the bright side, instead I will just spoil everybody else's babies right now! And try to keep reminding myself that I can give them back when they cry, and get more than 2 straight hours of sleep at night! :)

Because of last night, I had to reschedule my baby shower shopping trip with my mother in law to tomorrow night instead of tonight. I was really looking forward to it, but I really need to stay home and rest tonight. And do laundry. And clean the litter box. :)

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