Monday, October 27, 2008


It's definitely a Monday.

Last night as I was lying in bed with Hailey something told me to let her sleep with us. She wasn't asking and she would have gone to sleep in her own bed. But I trust my instincts so she slept with us last night. Which means not a very good night's sleep for D and I...but it's a good thing I did. This morning while I was standing at the bathroom sink washing my face the heat kicked on. There's a vent right in front of the sink that I stand on to keep my feet warm. Not this morning. It was like the air conditioner kicked on. Lovely. No wonder the rest of the house was so cold. Our room was okay since the three of us slept in there but the rest of the house was freezing. Hailey would have been so cold if she'd slept in her own bed. Another plus of simple call to the friendly maintenance guy and they're going to have a repair guy go and take a look. And fix it with no cost to me. Because I don't own the place...YAY!

She's still coughing bad from her cold, to the point where it's gagging her. I feel so bad for her. My husband's got it too, so of course he's convinced he's got strep and just SO sick...although that didn't stop him from hunting and playing golf Saturday...SIGH

Then I realized as I go out to get the car started warming up that I forgot to get gas yesterday. And the gas light was on. And my car was about to die. So I hurried Hailey out the door and had to go get gas. That's when I noticed the highway that I take to get to work was down to one lane and moving extremely slow.

My mom called me on her way to work this morning and informed me that the bag of bread I bought her at Walmart yesterday (along with the two loaves I bought for us) had a gnat in the bag. GROSS. And this was good Sara Lee bread too! I got all three loaves from the same batch (same sell by date) so now I'm paranoid about the loaves I bought for us. Makes me not want to eat the pb&j I made for lunch today! What would you do if you were in my situation??? Would you take your two loaves of bread back too? My mom's taking hers back. She saved the gnat in a baggy LOL but would you eat yours? It's not like I checked my bag for gnats. One thing's for sure...I'm not buying Sara Lee bread anymore.

Hailey's supposed to get her flu shot this evening. The dr. said they'll still give it to her with her cold if I'm comfortable with it. Why would I not be? She wouldn't give me an answer to that. I don't know what the hell I'm doing, I mean she's my first kid...that's why I asked the dr. (well ok, the nurse...) and I was sort of expecting a better answer/explanation. So do I reschedule the shot and have to wait another few weeks for her to get it??? I'm not sure what to do!

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Joanna said...

So glad you don't have to pay to get your heat fixed! : ) I hope that H and D both get better, it's so hard having more than one family member sick at the same time. Plus it's a higher chance you'll get it too. The bread, I doubt that a gnat was in your bread too, I would probably look at the sandwich though and check it out for anything odd looking.