Monday, October 27, 2008

This is too cool!

While browing the Etsy forums today I came across a post that asked opinions on a new item they'd posted. After clicking on the link I was taken to a listing that I am SO INCREDIBLY excited about, I just HAD to share.

Everybody knows I've tried my hand at making hair clips for Hailey. I've even made a couple bow boards to hold all her clips and bows. The problem is, when we're out and about sometimes I suddenly need a hold Hailey's hair out of her eyes when it's windy or out of her face while we eat etc. and I don't have one on hand because if I keep them in my purse, they end up at the bottom ruined. Or sometimes we're out and Hailey decides she doesn't want to wear a clip anymore, so again it ends up at the bottom of my purse to be ruined. I hadn't figured out a solution to this problem until I happened upon that forum post today...when I found this!!

It's like a little portable bow board! Just add your clips, fold it up, snap and go! How cool is that!? It'll work for alligator and french clips too, as well as the snap clips pictured above! This clip holder isn't just for travel either...hang it on a door knob at home, or suction cup it to your bathroom mirror and voila! Instant mini bow board! That way when it's time to leave the house, just fold, snap and go...with all your clips in tow! Fully extended, this clip holder is 21 inches long by 4 inches wide so it's a really nice size! And the price isn't bad at all either! If I had any extra money right now we would definitely be purchasing one of these nifty little things! If you've got a little girl and she wears hair clips (or know a little girl who does and need a gift for her), you have to go check out this clip holder at Cutesie Clips!! And while you're there, check out some of her hair clips...they're just too cute!