Friday, October 17, 2008

Lisa's Shop

Love the look of handmade tags, envelopes, embellishments etc. but don't have the time (or don't want to put forth the effort) to make them yourself? Need supplies such as buttons, gift boxes, paper or baggies? Then check out Lisa's Shop...she has all of the above, and more! She even does shipping labels!

I personally love the mini cards and mini envelopes Lisa makes. They would be super cute attached to a gift or used as a little thank you note!I also love the larger envelopes she makes! They give a personal touch to every piece of mail you send. Who wouldn't like to receive a letter that came in one of these pretty envelopes! They would also be great for mailing smaller gifts to family and friends without the bother of wrapping! Imagine opening your mailbox and seeing one of these pretties in the middle of that stack of bland junk mail and bills. How fun and exciting!
If you're looking for these sorts of supplies, or you just need a fun shop to browse, check out Lisa's Shop today!


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