Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reid's Reserves

Anyone that knows me knows of my obsession for hair bows. I am constantly on the lookout for new hair bows for Hailey's collection. Gotta fill up that bow board, right?! :) I've tried my hand at making quite a few, and while I don't do too bad I just can't match up to the talent of some.

Sandy is one of the people that has far superior bow-making abilities than I. She is the proud owner of a lovely Etsy shop called Reid's Reserves in which she sells the cutest little hair bows and clips!
(I love this set!!)
Sandy sells adorable matching sets that can be mixed and matched. Her clips have a non-slip lining to they'll stay in that super-fine hair that little girls have. It's just enough to do the job without adding any bulk to the clip! The hair bows that Sandy makes are attached to little butterfly clips. This makes them so easy to clip over pig tails! I attached Hailey's just above the base of her pig tails, directly to the hair on her head, and they stayed put all day. Even while she was running all over the house playing! We got lots of comments on how adorable the bows are. Everybody wanted to know if I made them (unfortunately not...) and where I got them.
Hair bows and clips are such an easy way to dress up a little girl and give that final touch to an outfit. And with the cost being so low, you can afford to have some to match each special outfit! Low cost does NOT mean low quality...I know these bows will last Hailey a long time!

Looking for Christmas themed bows? Sandy will be posting a lot of those soon! But don't wait til then, check out Reid's Reserves today! Her bows and clips are just too cute to pass up!

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