Friday, October 10, 2008

What do you think?

While shopping with my mother in law last night I found a scarf that I fell in love with. I'm a winter scarf type of girl, but not an accessory scarf type of girl...but I had to have it. I rarely spend money on myself at all, let alone for something like a scarf accessory I had no idea how to even USE. But, I loved it. So I bought it. And really, I played with it so much in the store, it had my cooties all over it really, I HAD to buy it. I mean it would have been rude not to, right? That's my excuse anyway.

So this is Option 1 for use of the scarf...what do you think? Have any other ideas/suggestions??


Jenni Jiggety said...

I think you are adorable and I love the scarf!

Visiting from MBC!

Ms. Bar B: said...

Looks cute. Nothing wrong with spending some cash on yourself and nothing wrong with wearing it just like that.