Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two things that, while necessary, I feel are a HUGE pain in my ass and I hate doing:

Going to the bathroom. I hate the whole getting up out of your chair, having to take off your pants, GOING, having to wipe, pulling your pants back up, washing your hands...God what a chore.

Taking a shower. I hate getting wet unless it's like 105 degrees outside and I MUST get in the water to cool off. I hate having to get naked...I don't wanna see that! And I freeze. Then there's the whole getting in the water...I hate going from dry to wet like that. BLEGH. It's such a pain to wash your whole body, which is why I rarely make it to shaving my legs. I shave my toes and let it be. Who cares that I look like a monkey from my waist to my ankles right? By the time I'm done I'm like "THANK GOD that's over!" Then I have to dry off and wipe off the damn mascara that's smeared under my eyes even though I JUST washed my face, put moisturizer on my face, QTip my ears, put on lotion, brush my rats nest tangled mess head of hair and find clean clothes to put on. Good Lord talk about exhausting.

I do however LOVE brushing my teeth.

And I LOVE feeling clean. So going to all that trouble, as exhausting and annoying as it all is, is totally worth it...


Jaime said...

Ok this is too freaking funny. I'm trying to gulp down my coffee and the "urge" to go to the potty hit and I was thinking - I want to finish my coffee damn it!

I so agree with you on this!

Kristin said...

OMG, I laughed so hard at your bathroom complaint. What a chore, indeed :)

Although my thoughts are that the worst part is getting my pants back up!