Thursday, October 2, 2008

What was I thinking??

I must have been delusional when I wrote that post last night. I'm now daydreaming about the good ol' days (mere weeks ago) when my daughter went to bed without a problem and I could crawl into my comfy, soft, warm, inviting bed at a decent hour and have more than a foot of space to sleep on all night. I'm even dreaming about that hard bed and hard pillow at the hospital where I slept for my sleep study...because I had the whole bed to myself!

Hailey just flat out refused to go to sleep last night. She used every trick in the book. She tried the "I'm scared" trick. The night before, she was scared of grasshoppers. Note to self: NO MORE BUGS LIFE MOVIE. Last night, I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when her answer to my question of what was scaring her was this..."Grandma's driving." Seriously? She is too funny. I love it.

I thought she was FINALLY asleep at 12:30am so I began to creep out of her room. Every time I moved she mumbled "Go get Daddy. Where are you going Mom?"(I'm Mom lately, not's cute but it makes me feel like she's growing up too fast...I mean I still call my Dad Daddy!) but I thought she was just talking in her sleep. I knelt on her bedroom floor, hiding so she couldn't see me (how pitiful is that) and when I thought she was asleep again I crept out of the room. She wasn't asleep. "Where are you going Mommy? Where are you going?" I walked into our bedroom where my husband was lying in bed, peacefully, and let him have it. I was off work Monday and he had to get up early for school, so what did I do? Put Hailey to bed Sunday night and let him go to bed at a decent time. He was off with her Tuesday and he's off with her today. Do you suppose he let me go to bed at a decent time by putting her to sleep for me?? Of course not! He still wouldn't go in there last night, even at 12:30 in the morning when I was obviously exhuasted! Finally I gave in and just put her in bed with us. I know I'm just making it worse. I realize that she's going to think every night she can sleep with us. But what am I supposed to do? I do need to sleep at night! Hopefully next week when she goes back to the sitter's I can get her back on schedule.

Thank God I have such an amazingly awesome mother that can sense when I've had a bit of a rough/busy morning and surprises me by delivering Starbucks coffee and lemon poundcake to me at work! YUM! :)

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