Saturday, October 4, 2008

She's a hat girl...

Last weekend we recieved another huge batch of bins full of used clothing from my sister in law's coworker! I found another big garbage bag full of clothes to keep and took the rest to good will so somebody else could put them to good use. Hailey helped me go through this batch and insisted we keep a few items. One being this hat...
(Can you tell her dad dressed her the day this pic was taken??? LOL)

She's such a nut. She was super excited when she found this in the load of clean clothes I'd just taken out of the dryer and insisted on wearing it around the living room.

My friend that always gives me hand me downs every season gave me two Walmart bags full of shoes and clothes for Hailey last Wednesday. We are SO incredibly lucky to have such a great friend who has a daughter just enough older than Hailey so all her handmedowns fit! Hailey now has about 5 pairs of cute Carter's fleece PJ's for this winter and a new coat as well! It's actually the same coat Hailey had last winter from Old Navy but in a gold color instead of torquoise!

Yay for handmedowns!! :)

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Joanna said...

That's so totally awesome! I wished that we had friends/family that could do that. I am the one that is passing it all down and around. lol. That hat is super cute on her.