Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Fest 2008!

Thank God the weather cooperated and we were able to attend Hailey's 3rd Pumpkin Festival today! She had such a good time, even though she was a little tired. I couldn't get a smile out of her for ANYTHING when it came to pictures. She was happy though, I promise! She even told me, "Mommy I'm happy!" :)

So, without further ado, Pumpkin Fest 2008!
See her jack-o-latern scrabble tile necklace? Yep, that's from Home Studio! She loves it!
Like the hair clip?? I made it myself! :)
Hailey insisted on trying out every single one of these chairs...

And more big news on the potty training front! Hailey really wanted to wear underpants to the festival today but I talked her into wearing an Easy Up by explaining to her about the lines that sometimes form for the porta potties and how she didn't want to have to change her clothes there if she had an accident. I also promised her she could put underpants on when she got home. I'm proud to say her Easy Up was dry when we got home over 4 hours later and she even peed in a porta potty!! (Luckily it actually smelled nice in there and she exclaimed "Mommy I like this potty!") She has continued to poop in the potty every day and LOVES wearing her "underpants" (what she calls her panties). Yay Hailey!

I'm so confident that we're done with diapers that I even used one today to insulate a leaky container that we carried her juice in! You better bet I got some odd looks when I was securing the diaper around it after we ate lunch...but hey, whatever works, right?? It kept it cold and kept the leaks out of our bag!