Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Me and Moms Crafts

I absolutely LOVE this style of hand towel with the crocheted top. It used to be that every year when we went to the annual Pumpkin Festival in a tiny town around here I would buy myself one (or two) of these towels from a local vendor.

Then I discovered Etsy and Me and Moms Crafts! I was so incredibly excited to have discovered this site! Their prices are very reasonable and the quality is great! They come wrapped up very cutely so if you were ordering for a gift you wouldn't even have to wrap it!
I ordered one of these towels to make up half of my sister's going away present. She's really into the phrase "Live Laugh Love" and I found the perfect towel with this phrase on Me and Moms Crafts! She loved it. I've also ordered one each for my mom and mother in law for Christmas! I'll probably be ordering more before Christmas comes as I've gotten many compliments on my new towels! (My sister in law LOVES one of the towels I ordered for myself...I think she was trying to hint at something!)

They also sell other things as well as these hand towels. I ordered a mini doll quilt to give to Hailey for Christmas this year! It's cream and purple colored and SO incredibly cute! I know she's going to love it!

If you love these sorts of products like I do, you HAVE to check out Me and Moms Crafts!

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Miranda said...

They have some really great prices! Thanks for sharing. :)