Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fun With Webdings

` Always recycle!

~ I like thunderstorms...sometimes

! I am terrified of SPIDERS!!

@ I am actually pretty handy around the house

$ I wear my sunnnnnnnnnglasses at night...

- My grandma survived breast cancer for over 15 years

H We hope to own a house one day

J I've never been to the beach, and I don't know that I really care to are pretty though!

' Paperclips must be sorted between big and have them all combined in the same bowl is really unsettling to me

C The city is a nice place to VISIT

b I LOOOOOOOOOVE going bike riding!!

M I want to see mountains someday

, I hate spicy food because it makes me sick!


w My husband plays golf for the university he goes to

e I LOOOOOOOOOVE getting presents, who doesn't?!?! And giving them too of course...

E I have always wanted to visit the desert

Y I love being in love!

I I need a vacation...

P We love driving around out in the country enjoying the fresh air and peace and quiet!

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