Sunday, March 11, 2007

H slept all night last night, til sometime after 10 this morning. She didn't want to be inside again today, would throw a fit if I brought her inside. She insisted on even eating breakfast on the back patio. I called my grandma to se if we could go up and visit her for a while. H had a total meltdown in the car. I love her to death, but I have such a short fuse lately...I think it's all this stress. From her being sick and now that she's better she won't hardly drink or eat ANYTHING so she hasn't been peeing and she's lost a lot of weight...and then D's gone til Friday...I don't want to go back to work house smells like poop and trash and there's still vomit on my floor covered w/ towels because I can't clean at ALL w/ H around lately...I have almost no clean dishes...oh and I checked the mail this morning after not checking it for like a week and our freaking bank statement sucks, so that got me depressed about finances...all that added up and I just did not have a good day. H had her meltdown in the car, it takes about 25 minutes to get to my grandma's house from here and by the time we had gotten to the edge of our town she was screaming and crying like she was dying...THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER. She just didn't want to be in her car seat. I had to pull over and get her out...she immediately calmed down and wanted down on the road! I put her back in her seat...back to her meltdown. She didn't stop this til we were almost there! Had a good time at my grandparents', she loves their puppies and we went on a walk. She didn't pee all day. My grandma bought her some pedialyte popcicles, since we can't find them here but they have them in their small town. SIGH...hopefully getting back into our normal routine this week w/ her going to the sitters will help her get back to normal. I am just really worried how she's not drinking much at all.

My computer is going crazy on me lately, I don't know what's up...the webpage freezes up every time I try to do something, and I have to close the browser and go back to the page again. It's driving me nuts!! Might be this wireless internet I'm using, it's sucked lately, kicking me off for no reason. Hopefully D's dad can get our internet set up as wireless soon...he works for the phone company so he does that kind of crap.

It's Monday tomorrow BLAH

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Wendy said...

I just came to your blog from Emmakirsten! I just went back and read all of your past posts and left a few comments! Looking forward to more and getting to know you! I love finding new blogs! Especially ones with cute babies! Not because I am a perv, but because I also have a baby:) Feel free to stop by my blog! is my famiy one and I also have a 365 day one on blogger!