Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quittin Time

Well it's almost time to leave for the day, thank God. It's been a busy but boring day. I have to rush home, my friend SC is meeting me at my house at 6:00...I haven't seen her in months. When she messaged me to make sure she could still come, she asked which apt. # I live in again...I don't live in an apt. anymore, we moved way back in September!! That's how long it's been. So I was looking forward to that, and then my sister calls today to see what I'm doing niece T(8 years old or something like that) is staying the night at my dad's house tonight and wants to see H(she's obsessed w/ her). I couldn't say no, even though my friend is coming over. So now about 30 mins. after my friend gets there my stepmom, little brother and niece will be coming over too. I don't mind the company, that's just kind of a lot all in one night! My little niece is really excited...I used to keep her all the time when she was younger, back before I'd moved in w/ D. I'd always take her shopping and buy her all kinds of clothes and toys(my older sister has 3 kids and no money so I always spoiled her kids, I even spent my whole tax return on them 1 year...I used to buy their new clothes for the season and swimsuits and coats every year too), but then she started getting older and I got pregnant and I just quit keeping her overnight. I feel bad sometimes, but I am just so busy now, and to be honest the older she gets she is more and more annoying...she talks a LOT, which a lot of little girls do, and she's kind of starved for attention so she's always ON ME, which drives me nuts. And she stresses H out, always in her face talking high pitched squeaky baby talk and wanting to hold her. But it will still be fun to have her over tonight. My stepmom just called and said she fried up a package of chicken strips for me and she made me some cheese peas(I was just asking her about these the other night, I LOVED when she made these when I was little and hadn't had them in YEARS) and she's got it all packaged up even w/ a little container of rance dressing to dip the chicken in, for me to eat tonight. How freaking sweet is that of her?? So thoughtful. She said she knows w/ D being out of town I probably won't be cooking so this way I won't have to scramble around trying to find something to eat w/ all that company. People don't ever do stuff like that for me usually unless I if my MIL is coming over and I call her on the way and say "Hey can you bring me a taco pretty please???? And a Dt. Pepsi??? PLEEEEEASE?" I am usually the one being thoughtful doing unexpected things like that for people. I'm just really touched. Who knew some chicken strips and cheese peas could mean so much huh :o) So anyway it's been a pretty un-eventful day, nothing much to write about. OH! H got her first birthday party invite yesterday. A lady I work w/ has a granddaughter that is 2 days older than H, and they're having her bday party on H's bday at this place right by our house. I told her of course we'd come. She said "Well I know it's on H's birthday" but I told her we won't be having her party that day anyway as D will be out of town. So how exciting is that, the girls will finally get to meet after a year of talking and comparing notes on them. Baby A really reminds me of H, hopefully they will take to each other and become little toddler friends! How cute.

My baby is 11 months old today!!!!

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