Friday, March 9, 2007

Wish me luck

H is asleep in her crib!! After 1 night of sleeping on the floor w/ her in the living room(so cold & very hard floor) and 1 night of sleeping on the couch w/ her mostly on top of me (very narrow couch too and not soft either) I am so so so ready to crawl in my bed tonight. PLEASE GOD let her get some sleep tonight, PLEASE GOD let her sleep all night in her crib. I know I'm asking a lot for the first night in her crib after being sick, and I fully expect her to wake up a million times crying and me not getting any sleep again tonight...but again, I ask PLEASE GOD let this not be the case. I know she could do w/ a good nights sleep, I think it would really help her feel better. It was hard to get her to sleep tonight though, she only drank about 3 oz. of her bottle and then pushed it away and jammed her pacifier in her mouth. The in-laws were here...they'd come over while hubby was at work to play with H while I sat on my butt and got some rest and also did some of D's laundry for his tournament this week. They even brought me Taco Bell. They are so sweet and helpful. My FIL had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago, he's doing really well, just walking w/ a cane. I could tell it was eating him up not to be able to get down on the floor and crawl around w/ H like he would have before. I hope he heals quickly, then he can get back to being H's kills him to watch grandma getting all the attention LOL he's such a good Papa. Anyway D wanted to show them the Wii since he forgot the sensor bar when he took it to their house last time to show they played the Wii while I rocked Miss H to sleep...and they were LOUD. I love my husband dearly. He is my best friend. We're as close as 2 people can get, there's nothing we won't do or say in front of each other, we're WAY too close I'll just say that. We've been together and in love for going on 8 years now, and in July we will have been married a year. With ALL THAT said...there are things about him that irritate the CRAP out of me. Like, for one, how he is H's father but has absolutely no sense in him to BE QUIET while I'm trying to get her to sleep! And I'm not talking like walking around the house, getting food in the kitchen, that sort of thing...we raised her to sleep through a pretty good amount of noise. I mean like some nights his golf buddies will call past 10:00 (which I later get onto them for, don't they have any sense, we have a kid!) and he'll talk all loud on the phone because he is like physically in-capable of talking quietly for some reason...the man cannot wisper, or even talk quietly (he is not physically in-capable, he is just so used to talking loud it's just not something he can really control). So tonight they are all in here hooting and hollering and clapping and laughing up a storm...our place is not that big, it's only 1200 sqft. And you can hear quite a bit through these doors. And H could hear everything going on. Now, if my husband were a "perfect" husband, he would have said "oh we need to keep it down, H is trying to get to sleep"....uh, no, that's not him. That went on til the in-laws left. H never did settle down in my lap. I tried once to lay her in her crib, didn't work. Finally I laid her in her crib again, she stuck her butt in the air, then sat up and looked at me. I told her quietly to lay back down...suprise, she did...butt up in air...she pushed up and looked at me...I told her I'm still here, and she turned over, butt up in air, and went to sleep! So now it's 11:11 at night and I'm finishing D's laundry while he's packing(which means he's actually tearing the house apart looking for crap he should have been looking for weeks ago) which brings me to another one of my pet peeves...when he can't find something of his, like right now he can't find his long sleeved dark blue Adidas mock turtlenecks, he bugs the crap out of me asking me where they are. He asks me over and over where's this, where's that, I can't find this. I DON'T KNOW. Now he's flashing me his package and giving me "the look"...oh jeez. Anyway I don't know where any of his crap is. I don't know where any of my crap is. The only clothes that generally get put away in this house are Miss H's. Her stuff is completely organized. Our stuff, I just fold and stack wherever...the chair in the living room we never sit in, on top of the dryer, on the bar in the kitchen, in multiple laundry baskets in the bedroom. I never have time to put our clothes away. I usually separate out his clothes and mine, and sometimes I make him put his away while I put mine I never have a clue where his crap is. And he's the most unorganized person I know, which doesn't help...he just comes in the house, throws crap anywhere and leaves it. But it makes me feel bad for hounding my mom when I lived with her. If I couldn't find something it MUST have been her fault and she should be able to find it. He does this exact same thing to me. I swear it's like I have another kid. Luckily he doesn't get pissed at me like I did at my mom. He just wanders around amelessly looking nowhere practical, occasionally grabbing my boob or flashing me his package, then wandering off again. Sigh...God I love him LOL

FIL also brought us some goodies today...milk, which we were out of...Mt. Dew, which we cannot afford...Jello for Miss H which it turns out she doesn't like so far...Edy's popcicles w/ Splenda for Miss H, which I also love but turns out she adores also. Chewy chocolate chip cookies (one of the expensive name brands, yum) and ANIMAL CRACKERS...crackers are supposed to be for Miss H. Generally I don't let her eat crap like that seeing as how she's not even 1 yet and I just feel so bad putting crap like that in her body...but I did let her eat 1, right now I'm at the point where anything she will eat is good because she's still not wanting to eat much...anyway I'm loving these things. How did I forget they existed? I guess it's because I don't buy snack foods unless it's popcicles. We just don't have the money right now with D being in school/golf. And now I'm remembering those circus cookies, w/ the pink icing and sprinkles...I need some of those too. Oh and I am so bad. Ok I'm really not, I'm a good person, I really am...but...FIL asked what we needed...I told D to tell him milk and bananas. And then I remembered. THEY are the wonderful people that brought us BOUNTY paper towels!(See earlier post) "D!!!! Tell him we need paper towels, PLEASE tell him we need paper towels!!!!" Of course he wouldn't...we have 1 and a half rolls of the cheap Walmart ones left. And later today after my FIL had left and I'd put away our goodies, I washed my hands and dried them on a thin crusty paper towel, and suddenly felt very sad that it wasn't a nice soft fluffy Bounty. God I'm a nerd.

Took Miss H to Walmart today to get her out of the house after her dr. appt because she politely let me know she was NOT ready to go back home yet(she hates being cooped up in the house for too long, esp. when she's on the mend from being sick). Spent another 60$. That place is a freaking money pit. I planned on buying my cheap ass paper towels, sherbet for Miss H(dr. said it counts as a fluid) some cherry pedialyte and that's it. Ended up getting her a little outfit on sale, a really cute sun dress for this summer for 7$, and broke down and bought her a new humidifier for her room because her old one not only puts out steam hot enough to blister your skin, so not safe for a kid's room, but it's also about to go caput. How did I spend 60$?? Jeez.

So tomorrow I have a feeling we're going to have more company than I really care to have. I never mind my mom coming over, actually I absolutely love when she comes over, she's one of my best friends...anyway she doesn't get off work til 2...but my dad and stepmom also want to come over to see the Squirt for a little bit. Ok that's fine. But MIL also offered to come over and help out tomorrow. She's loving playing with a little girl finally(she had 2 boys and a grandson so far). I feel like we never have down time, every weekend we're trying to accomodate one side of the family or the other, and EVERYBODY'S jealous of my mom because she sees Miss H WAY more than them. Not that I don't love spending time with family, but it consumes our whole weekend a lot of the time. Oh well, with D being gone so much now I'm going to probably wear out my welcome w/ the fam. because H and I get so bored here by ourselves. Anyway hopefully tomorrow isn't a horribly busy'll do Miss H some good to play with other people, but at the same time I want her to have time to recover from being sick. I wonder what the weather's supposed to be like, she would LOVE to go on a walk.

More I want to write but hubby is sexually harrassing me so I better go. He is about to leave for a week after all. :o(

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Ashley said...

Man, I don't check for like A DAY and have missed about 4 posts. This one cracked me up about D grabbing you. Just the image in my mind...nevermind. I just found it amusing.

WalMArt is BAD. I went on Friday, thinking I'd just get a few things, spend more than I usually do! I think they jack down the prices so you think you're getting a good deal, so then you buy more.