Monday, March 19, 2007

I love these non-stressful days

My boss went home sick again today, shockingly enough...and for once I felt free to work at my own pace and I didn't feel like I was constantly being watched. It was so nice. I wish I had a job that was like this every day. Where I could get my work done STRESS FREE. How awesome would that be??? And only 10 minutes left til I get to go pick up Miss H, thank goodness. Company coming tonight dad, stepmom and little brother again. I think they want to make this a regular Monday night thing. I'm always so tired Monday nights. But oh well, at least they're making the effort to be a part of our lives for once.

Taco Bell date with my sister tomorrow, looking forward to that immensely. Always brightens my mood!! And I am craving food SO BAD.

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