Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is it Friday yet?!?!?!

So I just finished typing up some 1099 instructions for my oh-so-important and ever-changing procedures manual and I'm seriously ready to just pack up my crap and get the hell out of here. For good. I'm tired of the chimp(who I now know is also a big ol spy, relaying false info to my boss and getting us all in trouble for things we didn't do) I'm tired of my crappy boss nit-picking everything to death, I'm tired of her boss looking at me like I'm a worthless piece of trash that he'd LOVE to boot out the door...I'm tired of the gossip and heresay, I'm tired of not being appreciated for all the crap I get done here everyday. I'm tired of being watched like I'm in school...yesterday I got in trouble for being in the bathroom too long. I had to take a shit, I'M SORRY. But apparently that is something else I'm not allowed to do here anymore. Now this morning the issue is my time sheet. And the fact that I fill it out ahead of time for the week, to plan out my hours. Apparently this is REALLY confusing and I'm not supposed to do it anymore. Ok I've done that the entire 5 or 6 years we've had electronic time sheets on Excel. But now, it's too confusing, so I'm supposed to stop. Well I'm sorry, but my response was not "yes master" like I'm supposed to reply...I politely told her that that is the way I do it and that it helps me plan out my week. We'll see if I get a butt-whooping after her meeting is over and she reads the email. Seriously, if she says anything to me about how my reply was "uncalled for" or emails me and tells me not to argue w/ her and just do what she says...I'm THIS FREAKING CLOSE to leaving, right NOW. Regardless of whether or not I get that job I interviewed for yesterday(which btw the interview went well I think and I'm hoping hoping hoping I get it and going to feel like shit if I don't)....that's how bad it's gotten here, I cannot deal with this insanity any longer...I would rather take my 401k money and hope I can find a job in the next month. I'm so pissed I could scream.

On a more positive note, I got my letter of recommendation from this lady we've been friends w/ for a while that I worked w/ part time at Dillard's for a couple years. She's the Senior Academic Advisor for the Dept. of History at the University so she's pretty important LOL and oh my she gave me the best letter of rec. it was really touching to me to read what she wrote and realize that that is what she really thinks of me. See, I AM a good person and I AM a great employee!!! One of the other ladies is a scientist in some lab here in town, she's never told me where. But she is the sweetest person. Actually she doesn't get along with a lot of people(my mom included), but for some reason she loves me and we get along great. I worked with her at Dillard's also. Anyway she's got her letter written, she just has to have her secretary type it up for her today so she can fax it in. I wish I could read her letter, I'm really interested as to what it would say.

H woke up with a cold today :o( Face full of was crusted all over her face the poor thing. She was trying to blow it out of her nose, it was so cute. But she was coughing gunk up too and it almost made her throw up. I feel so bad for her. She had such a good night last night, in a great mood the whole time we were running our errands, and she LOVED the warm weather...she pulled her socks off in the car and went barefoot in Dillards and Walmart, talking and giggling the whole time. And when the wind would blow on her she would just smile so big and laugh. We were standing in the empty Dillard's parking lot after the store closed and it was so warm outside...I lifted H up above my head so she was flying like an airplane and spun in circles while the wind whipped around her. She was in heaven!! Then we went to Walmart, which she LOVES. We bought her a swing she and I both fell in love with. Yes, we do things backwards in this family. We had our baby before we got married, and now we bought an infant swing for our 1 year old. We're weird. But ok this swing holds up to 30 lbs. H doesn't even weigh 20 yet. We never had an infant swing except one of those little table top ones that she HATED with a passion. She loves the swing at the sitters, one of those normal sized ones...she still falls asleep in it to this day! So this is a new pattern/design out from Graco...I had told my mom the only thing we'd need to buy for our next baby is a swing, so now we have it! H was so upset when I wouldn't put her in it right there in the store. I stood her up on the shelf and she tried to climb in it. Here's the link and some pics(it looks MUCH prettier in person I swear!):

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

She's going to love it, and I can even take it out on the patio and let her swing in the warm spring air!! And maybe, just maybe, she'll nap well at home now!

Went to Culver's for dinner last night w/ mom and H and had a great time...we were there an hour and didn't even realize it!! I love hanging out with my mom, we have so much fun together. Anyway I had their frozen custard for the first time...I got a concrete with blackberries and sprinkles...SO GOOD! And cheap too. I ate almost the whole thing.

Alright I've been writing pieces of this here and there...better get back to work.

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