Friday, March 23, 2007

I might be getting one of these??

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My new neighbor has Maltese puppies on the way, due any day now. The momma is a year old and pre-preg. she was only 5 lbs! I cannot WAIT to see the puppies. I hope the birth goes ok. The guy said he'd come get me to let me see the puppies after they're born. The momma and daddy are registered, but he's not registering the pups. He's selling them for 200 to 300$. I'm seriously considering getting one. I've wanted a dog for a long time now, even though I say I don't, I secretly do!! With D being gone so much it would be nice to have around, keep me company, something to sleep w/ in bed at night. And not to mention H LOVES dogs, ADORES them. I've got a while to make up my mind...he doesn't sell the pups til they're 12 wks...and he said it would be fully housebroke by then. I live right next door to them so I could visit the pup all the time til he lets me take it home. It's something to think about! We've got the money right now for all the start-up expense, so that's not an issue. And yes I know how much work dogs are, and how expensive their care is. Ok I used to have 6 rats, with health problems, that I spent hundreds of dollars on taking to the's, amoxicillan constantly, special bedding/food etc. My pets are pampered and well taken care of. :o)


Wendy said...

Awww!That puppy is so cute! I would love a puppy that stayed little forever! Good luck with that! I just found out this weekend that Lani is allergic to dogs! *sigh* Good thing she is afraid of most and wont want to touch them:) LOL!!

Ashley said...

I've been wanting a yorkie for years now, and a guy down the street, his mother breeds them, and will have some next month. I REALLY want one, but we just don't have the money. I'm really sad...I hope you can get one, it adorable!