Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Sweetest Kisses

Miss H has learned how to do something new. I've been working with her on blowing kisses. Today as we were leaving the sitter's, out of nowhere she starts blowing the sitter kisses. It was the cutest thing!! And tonight she blew her daddy kisses! So sweet. I've also figured out she's saying a couple new words. She gets her b's and d's a little confused, but she can say bird and bush which come out "dird" and "dush." She's obsessed with birds and bushes/trees lately. She wants to feel all the trees and bushes, and she points at even the littlest bird in the sky. She's so observant. She's also saying "ite" for bite because when I ask her if she wants more food I say "bite?" (Which by the way I caught myself asking my HUSBAND this at lunch today in front of my father in law!!! First time I've caught myself talking to him like he's Miss H!!) And when she wants more of something she says "moa." Still no developments in the area of walking, but man can she crawl fast...she'll open the screen to the back sliding door and climb out on the porch herself!!! I think I may have to see about getting her knee pads if she insists on crawling on the concrete like she has been doing! hehe Her little personality changes with every week. She really is a little girl now, it's so neat. Even when she's getting mad at me, I can't help but smile inside and think she's just too cute. Tonight as I was putting her in her car seat after I picked her up from the sitter's she got very angry with me and arched her back and fussed, like she does sometimes...but this time she stopped arching her back, gave me a really dirty look and grabbed my hand that was trying to buckle her in and shoved my hand away and then PINCHED MY ARM. TWICE. The second time looking me right in the eyes! She is so sassy!! I didn't know she could pinch either. But after she got our her frustration she was happy as pie again, playing with her Leap Frog magnetic barn toy. I even heard her giving the frog on the toy sucks of her pacifier(I peeked in the back seat at a stop light and she had the pacifier up to the frog's head, making the sucky noises she makes). It's just so hard to believe I don't have a little baby anymore. A couple weeks and she'll be a year old! I spose she'll always be my little baby though :o)

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Wendy said...

Cute! Isn't it fun to watch them develop their own personality! Even if it is being fresh and sassy:) You seem really happy! I am glad that things are looking up for you!