Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm not good at titles

Went to the bathroom just now...as I'm sitting on the toilet a nickel falls out of my pocket onto the pooey floor...EW...yes the poo is still there. GROSS. The cleaning people are obviously not cleaning very well. And speaking of bathrooms...I just had a great conversation with my 2 coworkers(the Chimp and another lady T whom I adore, she's so sweet and trustworthy) about how every time I need to go to the bathroom at work somebody hops in there before I can get up from my seat and then I think "damn, now I've gotta wait 10 minutes for the toilet seat to cool off" and told them I hate sitting down to a warm toilet seat because it reminds me somebody else's butt was just there...EWWW...they laughed at me. T knows I'm weird but I think I kind of shocked the Chimp(AKA the Spy). People really have no idea who I am, and then I let them in little by little and they're like WOW you are not the person we thought you were! Kind of like when T first started talking to me years ago...she used to avoid me because she thought I was a young snotty stuck up biatch but the more she talked to me the more she realized that was so far from the truth it's not even funny(and now she's really sad I'm leaving). People always think that about me until they actually take the time to talk to me...WHY?? Do I really look that bitchy? Hm...

So I had lunch with my sister today. LOVE eating with her. I woke her up at 11:50 and she hopped in the car to meet me at noon...how great is that? Beautiful day, actually almost hot. Wish I didn't have to work so I could be out enjoying the weather! My sister shared another story w/ me about how she was stalked twice last weekend at Walmart...this happens all the time to her! She was with cousin Bi-Racial Rachel both times. Once in the ice cream isle 3 black guys came up and said something like "3 for 2"....WEIRD...and my sister ran off with Bi-Racial Rachel on her heels, only to meet the guys in another isle because they were stalking them! Scary. Then another day it was the mexicans. Again. Like I've said before, my sister is half mexican...and she's been tanning a LOT now that she works at the gym so she seriously looks mexican or black or something w/ her black hair and tan skin. She makes me look like the whitest whitey ever and I've got an olive skin tone(because I'm Native American!)!! Anyway the mexicans stalked them in the parking lot AGAIN and evidently my sister took drastic measures to scare them off and grabbed my cousin's hand lovingly so they looked like lesbians. At the end of the story my sister made the comment that even though it seemed to work she new the mexicans were smarter than that, because "if I really were a lesbian no WAY would I be with B.R.R. I mean look at me and look at her!!" WOW I'm sorry I know that sounds shallow, but it's so true and I just couldn't help but burst out laughing. And then we had a lovely discussion about how if we were lesbians no way would we go for the ones that look like men, we'd go for something hot LOL...yes I am aware that we are weird. But it was a funny, mindless conversation...perfect lunchtime convo to take my mind off my crappy workday!! Good times...

(And yes I can talk about lesbians too because along w/ all the various races in our family, I also have an Aunt Jan and Uncle Cheryl...and just for the record, Jan is the girly one, Cheryl is the mannish one w/ hairy legs and short hair)

Also, D comes back in town today, YAY!!!! Missed him like crazy.

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