Monday, March 26, 2007

She's got Stinker written across her forehead

Miss H's afternoon:

~Charm everybody in Cracker Barrel, steal mom's fries, persuade mom to buy me not only a cute brown bunny in a plaid tank top but also a musical bear that plays Braum's lulliby
~Go to park w/ grandma, swing on swings, go on walk...get rained on, head for the car!
~Fall asleep in the car on the way to Grandma's, lay down on Grandma's bed surrounded by pillows only to have Ping Pong Kitty jump on me and wake me up
~Another massive poop...stinky britches
~Spit up some of my bottle...more stinky britches
~Get naked for bath time after being rained, pooped and spit up on
~Run off naked and pee on the floor under Grandma's window
~Mom calls to check on me so I crawl around on Grandma's couch naked and find the remote...turn the TV on...sit down and watch some TV naked
~Bath time!

Sounds like a fun/eventful afternoon to me!

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