Thursday, March 15, 2007

I hurt from laughing

Ok well I just ate lunch w/ my sister and I feel tons better. We were both in bad moods when we met up(she always picks me up for lunch she's so sweet) but that didn't last long. When we're together we just laugh hysterically. We feed off each other and act so silly and just crack each other up. It all started w/ her comment on my sexy leopard print socks(that I wore because my others were all dirty ok!) one point she was laughing so hard she spit soda all over the place and I was laughing so hard I was was great. I don't even know what we were laughing about most of the time...we did talk(nicely) about my cousin though, who we call "Biracial Rachel" because well her name's Rachel and she's bi-racial. We usually sing it like it's some super hero name...Rachel actually thinks it's hilarious. I don't know why it cracks me up every time. Also in the car back at my work, where last time my little sister decided she's got "smokers toes," this time she was freaking out about my hands...they're really dry and cracked because of over-obsessive handwashing and she knew they were bad but not this bad...she told me in a deep gay guy voice "oh God girl we're gonna get you hooked UP"....we have a weird sense of humor...and laugh easily. It's great! And I feel tons better!!!!!!

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