Friday, March 2, 2007

Freaky Friday

OH MY GOD I just went into the bathroom in my dept. at work and you would not believe what was just chillin on the floor...ok as if it wasn't bad enough that one of my coworkers drips blood on the toilet seat once a month every month and doesn't wipe it off, now a different coworker apparently needs some major lessons on how to wipe their ass. There was a freaking turd laying on the floor under the TP holder!!!!!! How freaking disgusting can people be?!?! And the sad thing is, there's only about 4 people it could have been unless one of the ladies from the dept. next door snuck over and used our toilet which doesn't usually happen because they've got their own. I know I sure as hell didn't do it, and the 2 guys in the dept. are out since it's a women's bathroom. The blood dripper is out sick today, so that leaves 4 other women. I think I know who it was, and it just grosses me out to even think about it. BLEGH people are just gross.

Ok on to other non-gross topics...

Miss H is doing fine, no more temps, no more puking, eating just fine(except she still does not want much formula, what's up w/ that??), playing like normal. My mom is picking her up from the sitters as we speak to spend some time w/ her. She's thinking about watching her all night tonight, she said she hasn't done that for us in a long time. Thing is, I don't want her to do it for us, because honestly I don't mind having my own daughter all the time, for goodness sakes I love her and I really miss her when I'm not with her....I want her to do it because she wants to watch her. Which she does. But actually I don't really want her to keep her I don't want her to be doing it to give me a break, because I don't want a break. I don't get to see her all day Friday because of work, and then when she watches her on a Friday night well I pretty much get to spend no time with her. Plus D doesn't even get off work til 9:00 on Fridays so it's not like we can go out to a movie. His friends want to come into town and have a Wii party and basically drink and play the Wii all, yea, sorry but that doesn't sound like fun to me at all. Not that I'm not for hanging out with his friends, they're nice guys...but how about NO drinking, and they go home about 11:00 so I can go to bed at a decent time for once. Is that so bad? I'm just not into partying or anything remotely like it. I got all my partying out in highschool(and seriously I didn't even do much of it then either). But seriously I'm about to take the Wii away from D, he's been getting home late every night this week and then having to dart off to work, because he's been staying at his friends' house playing the stupid Wii forever. Do guys ever grow up, seriously? It's my hard earned money paying for that damn thing so I think I should be able to take it away if I feel the need to. And his whole promise about him making the house spotless if we get a Wii?? Yea freaking right. He's been the same ol' slob he always is. Seriously he's getting really close to being on my shit list lately.

I have ANOTHER freaking headache. It seems like a TON of people lately are sick with this head cold crap. Mine's still hanging on, no more sinus infection but I've still got the head cold crap that's making me not be able to hear and clogging up my sinuses and giving me bucket loads of drainage....NICE huh. I feel so sexy let me tell you...I'm so tired I've got dark circles under my eyes, I've got constant snot leakage, a red dried up crusty nose, this lovely hacking cough which sometimes produces phlegm...I've been too tired to do much w/ my hair so in the evening when I take it out of the pony tail it's sticking up straight all wild and crazy, and I haven't worn a single bit of makeup all week even though my face is all broke out. Damn I'm hot least it's given me a week off from hubby hounding me for some action! LOL

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Ashley & Charles said...

I'm with you on the sickness. Charles told me that I sounded like Lindsey Lohan this morning, scratchy smokers voice. Lovely. And the coughing, and snot and blah. Does it ever go away?

I'm telling you, TAKE THE CORD FROM THE DAMN WII AND HIDE IT UNTIL HE STRAIGHTENS UP. HE'S GOT A FAMILY!!!! Sorry, I haven't had issues with bad husbands or anything!!