Saturday, March 3, 2007

Fun is good

Well the guys came over last night along with my sister and my mom kept Miss H for the evening. I was dreading the evening at first and then I thought you know what, we never do anything like that, SNAP OUT OF IT, have fun for once!! And you know what, it was fun! I had a few beers, we danced around and acted silly to old rap songs and just random cds...and these guys are great, I really like D's friends. Before we'd had much to drink I got the great idea to go to Trops and get some frozen drinks, so we climbed in the car and brought some home. They are so GOOD. So we had a really good night, just acted really stupid together...and actually, we hardly EVER played the Wii...anytime it was turned on we all agreed everyone got really bored and we started doing something else again. Of course I just barely got tipsy, I know I'm small (5'2" and 113 lbs) but it takes a LOT to get me drunk. So it's not like I was just this drunken mess, I was actually having fun on my own LOL We really have to do this more often, it was nice to have fun like we used to...I've been in MOM mode completely since Miss H was born, and it was hard for me to let go of that, but once I did for a night I just had so much fun. I have to realize I can be a mom and a wife and myself all at once and still have fun with life outside of Miss H. The 2 guys stayed the night, my sister went home because she's having a rough time w/ her breakup. We got up about 11 this morning and I went and got Miss H and then we ordered pizza. The guys played the Wii and watched Miss H while I took a nap for a couple hours. Then about 8 this evening the guys were going to leave, saying they thought they'd worn out their welcome...which is silly, we don't mind them being here, they really are great guys. Oh his friend A even helped me clean up the kitchen last night(well actually about 3:30 this morning WOW can you believe I stayed up that late????) I mean he took out the trash and helped me fill and run the dishwasher and cleaned up all the stuff and everything...why won't my husband ever do that?!?! LOL So they stayed, and the guys went to get stuff to make for dinner(breakfast stuff) at Walmart and rented a movie(School for Scoundrels, hope it's good) and now they are in the process of cooking me dinner while I'm laying here on the couch!! How cool is that. I think I need 3 husbands, that's my problem right there, I only have one LOL J/K Oh and it was nice because while they were gone I put Miss H in the Pack N Play and pulled it in the bathroom and took a shower. And FINALLY, she's old enough to keep herself entertained for the most part so I am able to take a shower. She pulled the drawers out and emptied them onto the floor.

Miss H is finally starting to try to take a couple steps...she'll use the wall to stand up and then try to take off walking. Tonight she was trying to walk in the hallway and she found this thermometer thing that can suction cup to a window that we usually keep propped up on the top of the thermostat there in the hallway...and she picked it up, stood up and held it up towards the thermostat. How on earth does she know that's where it goes?? She's just too smart. She also pointed at the sitter Friday and said "Heather" which is the sitter's name. How cool is that? Made Heather pretty happy :o) She's also loving her new taller height...she can now reach her microwave on her play kitchen, and she really enjoys cooking us fake steaks and halves of chicken in the microwave. She even opens it, checks the temp with her hand, and then closes it again to cook it a little longer. She is so observant of everything we do, she picks up on stuff so quickly.

Well I think it's time to go eat!!

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