Saturday, March 24, 2007

YEAH for me, I GOT IT!!

YAY, I got a new job!! The guy called me today as I was leaving work and told me he had good and bad news. They hired somebody for the position I interviewed for, that was the bad news. The good news is the person they hired was their bookkeeper, so that position was open now, and he wanted to know if I wanted it. He said they were really impressed with me, and wanted to offer me the job at 12.17 an hour. That's over a dollar more than I get paid now, AWESOME! Just for doing a bookkeeping/receptionist job. I'm so freaking excited, and still in shock. I've worked where I do for 7 years...I started there in highschool. I worked part time at Dillard's a couple years over the holidays, but I've never switched companies like's really exciting and scary at the same time! But I'm mostly excited, and I feel really good about myself. I really thought I wasn't going to get it, and even though I didn't get the one I interviewed for I could care less, it's still a job w/ the school system and it's still in that same office w/ those great people! I get awesome benefits, more pay, nice people/'s going to be great!!

Now it's almost 1am and I'm SO tired...we went w/ the guys to see The Hills Have Eyes 2 tonight. I know I'm NUTS now...WHY did I want to see that movie?? I saw the first one, but I must have been insane to think this one wouldn't be gorrier and scarier. And I'm scared to death to be alone at night when D's out of town, it was just stupid to see that movie. And I have nobody to stay w/ me! Dan's trying to get his friend A to come stay w/ me. He's a nice guy. But I doubt he will. My mom has H for the night, I'm finishing up D's laundry and then we're going to crawl in bed and hopefully I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow. I'm so tired after running around so much this week trying to get those letters of rec. etc. SOOOOOOOO TIRED.


Wendy said...

Congrats:) It seems that things are finally looking up!!

Kristin said...

Yea! Congratulations!!!