Monday, March 26, 2007

Cracker Barrel and good moods

Started to feel completely crappy this morning, thought I was going to throw up. My mom was picking me up for lunch and I almost called her and told her nevermind because I was going home for the day. But I got over my wave of nausea for the most part and went with her and H anyway, and after I ate some I felt a little better. H slept in my lap until we got our food. I don't know if she smelled the french fries in her sleep or what, but the second that food got near her she woke up "di?" then turned, grabbed a fry and started chowing down while checking out her surroundings. She is so cute, she definately brightened my mood. She danced in her highchair for a while(standing up turned around backwards, shaking her booty) while she watched the girl sweep the floor behind us. She yelled at the clean up girl the whole time while smiling w/ her mouth crammed full of french fry. She is such a good little girl, so friendly to everybody, yelling at people while smiling and dancing and just being the cutest thing you ever did see!! I hated to leave her and come back to work. Mom took her to the park to swing and walk around the pond. It's so nice out. She's wearing her cute pink baby Crocs today(her favorite shoes). I love her little pig tails and her fat little knees sticking out of her little jean shorts. I could just eat her up!!

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