Monday, March 26, 2007

IBS sucks...and new teeth are finally here!

Well I put in my 2 wks notice this morning. They were very nice about it...I don't know if they're genuinely happy for me or just happy to finally be rid of me. But the guy in HRD(who is my mom's boyfriend) told me thank GOD I'm finally getting out of there, and that he could never work for my dept. for my supervisors. He said my situation was just rediculous. So anyway, that's done with, I can move on and start to prepare for this next phase of my life w/ a different company!!

My IBS is acting up today. I don't have the typical IBS, with diarea(lovely I know), I have the other kind. And it's been acting up all weekend making me super tired and cruddy feeling, and today I just feel BLEGH. I had these sharp pains last night, actually they were in my uterus(sorry if tmi) and it felt exactly like it did when H was making herself at home inside me those first few weeks of my pregnancy. So that got me worried. I just got over a very light 2 wk period though, and I'm on the pill, surely I can't be pregnant? I woke up today feeling nauseous...still feeling nauseous, and SO TIRED lately. But I'm really thinking it's just my IBS. I feel so bloated, it's rediculous. My pants are cutting into my belly, it hurts. I'm going to wait a week or so and see what I feel like then. If it gets worse, I'll take a test. Hopefully it'll get better. I mean I do kind of wish we were at a point in our lives where we could have another baby, but at the same time H is only almost a year old and I want to spoil her first, and also a big factor is money...basically we have none! We just CAN'T have another one til D is out of school! So I'm really hoping it's just the IBS.

Well Miss H's new teeth decided to make their debut yesterday! The left eye tooth on top, and the right middle tooth on top(which I didn't even know was about to come through)...and the other 2 aren't far off, they're big bulges in her gums. So that could be contributing to her snotting...4 teeth coming in at once, wow! I can't believe she's finally getting more teeth, so exciting! Also, I let her try milk for the first time yesterday. So far she takes after me and doesn't like it at all. She'd take a big drink from her sippy and spit it all back out. I tried all day, nope. Finally gave her water instead and she gulped that down. So I don't know what I'll do if she doesn't like milk!

Party went ok yesterday, a bit annoying but not horrible. H was fussy, she had refused to nap until RIGHT before we needed to leave the house. She slept the 30 minutes it took to get there, but that's it. And all day she just wanted me, and for once my inlaws and D's grandparents REALLY bugged the crap out of me. They kept coming up and trying to take her from me, and I just wanted them to leave us the hell alone. Miss H did not feel like socializing. She clung to me every time they'd come up to her, and I would tell them that she's not in a good mood and she doesn't feel like being social and they'd say "oh she's in a great mood, I just want to hold her!!" and they would pry her off of me!!!!!!!! I was so pissed. Finally I took her outside and walked up the long drive to the swingset my BIL just put up for nephew's bday and she swung for a while. But of course her papa had to come up and bug us. Finally I just went back to the house, packed up our stuff and left. My MIL called later and wasn't mean, so I don't think they picked up on my bad mood.

ok I'll add more to this post later...

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