Sunday, March 25, 2007


So hot here today, lower 80's...I realized Miss H doesn't have any shorts! And she's so hot natured. I had to run to Old Navy and get her a few pair. I got her a pair of jean shorts and 2 pair of little knit shorts. Also got myself a couple new tank tops since the ones I wore last summer are huge on me now that my boobs and stomach have deflated/shrank. Also got H a really cute knit dress that will be so comfortable for her to wear this summer. She looked SO CUTE in her new little jean shorts today!! Her little chubby knees sticking out, it was ADORABLE! She still has a cold the poor thing, I can hear her coughing away right now :o(

Went to the in-laws tonight, D's grandparents are in town for my nephew's 2nd birthday tomorrow. The party is at 3:00. Not looking forward to that. I'm not close to my nephew, and he's not a kid I'm crazy about...I know that sounds mean but I'm just being honest. And I'm TIRED. We didn't get home tonight til 11:00!!! I left with D's mom and grandma for Walmart at 6:30(so I could get nephew some gifts) this evening and we didn't get back til 8:30!! H woke up from a long nap on her papa, ate dinner, played, and then got really fussy so we headed for home. And now I'm trying unsuccessfully to get to sleep. For some reason my arms are aching tonight...I don't know if it's from carrying her today or what, but owie.

Actually kind of excited to go in to work Monday to put in my resignation...nervous too though, eek!

Tonight I was telling my MIL and GrandMIL about the new swing I got H and I was afraid they would be thinking I was nuts for buying an infant swing for my 1 year old...instead, come to find out, his grandma was getting all excited thinking I was pregnant again! She said "Are you trying to tell us something??" And my MIL was like oh gosh you say the word baby around my mom and she's going to start hoping you're pregnant again! So funny...even though his grandparents were happy last time believe it or not, it's still very different now that we're married...anytime his mom thinks I might be pregnant again she doesn't seem upset or anything, everybody's like that now. It'll be nice when we finally can have another one, everybody will be so happy when I get pregnant!

Ok off to find some boring movie to try to put me to sleep...

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Wendy said...

I hope that H is feeling better! Lani woke up a little stuffy this AM! We all have allergies that are acting up so she may be following our lead!