Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fresh air

Well last night I had been asleep not even an hour when my husband comes in the bedroom and wakes me up, frantic..."Erin, WHERE'S THE SYRUP!?!?!? I can't find it anywhere, where is it???" OH MY GOD. Did I not just post about that? I told you, he can't find anything himself. Nevermind the fact that I did move all the breakfast items to the cabinet over the stove because we don't have room in the pantry and that cabinet was almost bare seeing as how I don't use many spices...but come on, I was exhausted, could he not possibly ck all the cabinets himself? Then not 30 minutes after that H woke up crying, and I went in her room to find her standing up in her crib...not a good sign. I rocked her, tried to lay her down, rocked her again, thought well maybe she might be hungry because she only drank like 3 oz. of her bottle before bed and she hasn't been eating much at all since she's been sick. BAD IDEA. I learned my lesson. She took like 4 sucks of that bottle and I heard her stomach lurch. I knew what was coming. I was then covered from neck to knee in a thick later of sour milk and lord knows what else...GRODY I know. It soaked right through my shirt...uck. I thought she was done throwing up :o( The dr. jinxed us...he said she could possibly start throwing up again. I screamed for D, he took her while I went and took off my clothes and wiped myself off...and yea I got vomit in my hair while taking off my shirt, that was kind of unavoidable, so gross. So I'm naked, I get H naked and plop her in the tub to wash the throw up out of her hair. I get her all clean, reach for a towel, and turn back around and she's playing with the diarea she just pooped into the tub. So I had to have D hold her, drain, rinse, run new water in the tub, then bathe her again. Poor thing just sat there this whole time, had no idea what was going on. Finally got her some new clean jammies on, and she insisted on sitting on the back of the couch to look out the window in the dark. Then she threw up on the back of the couch and all over her last pair of clean jammies. I was so tired after 3 nights/days in a row of no sleep and constantly cleaning up throw up, diarea and doing nasty laundry. I put some regular comfy clothes on her this time, D cleaned off the couch, he finished packing and he slept in the recliner and H slept at one end of the couch w/ me at the other after we finally got her back to sleep. Then she woke up again about 2 hrs. later and wanted to party...she was on the floor crawling around playing w/ her toys in the dark. D pissed her off by trying to get her to lay down and telling her she can't watch TV...she started screaming like she was in pain. I mean she wouldn't stop this loud piercing cry, and the only time she's done that is when she's in pain, so I didn't know what was wrong. I finally called my mom at 5:30 because I just didn't know what to do and I was so tired. She came over about 30 minutes later after I'd finally gotten H to sleep, and she took her and let D and I got to bed. Thank God for Mommas. D had to get up at 9:30 to leave for his tournament, and my mom let me sleep til 12:30! Miss H seems to be doing better, no more throwing up. We took her out on the back porch after I took a shower to wash the throw up out of my hair, and she wouldn't let us bring her back in. The girl LOVES to be outside, which I'm very happy with! So we got ready, went to Mugs Up for the first time this season YUM YUM!! H sat in the front seat w/ us while we ate(it's a drive in) and stood up and hung out the window yelling at people. She was so happy. Then we took her to the big new park and walked her in her stroller and she swung in the swings. After that we went by my mom's where I took out Ping Pong kitty's stitches from where she got fixed last week or the week before.

Ping Pong Kitty and her new bare boobies minus stitches!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And now H and I are back home, she's sleeping on the couch and I'm getting ready to eat some Panera and drink my vanilla latte. I hope she sleeps a while, she needs a nap bad. And I'm pretty worn out myself after running around all day. I haven't had much exercise the past few days, that walk wore me out. But I'm loving this spring weather. The wind was a little chilly, but I could wear my flip flops so I was a happy camper. I've figured out what to tell the fam. to get H for her bday too...outside toys!

Oh and the Nazi march seemed to be very un-eventful today, didn't hear a word about it and we had to drive near that area to go to Mugs Up(which made me a little nervous) but there were hardly any extra people walking in that area so unless all the people were down on campus actually at the march, they didn't get the publicity they were hoping for, yay!! And I was very happy to see that the big party the city put on at the park in the bad part of town was actually full of people, of ALL races. So things turned out really well, I am actually proud of the city for handling it like they did and keeping things under control. Maybe this isn't such a bad city to live in after all.

My mom just called my's screwed up so nobody can hear me talking...she said "ok I don't know if you can hear me, but I just found out that the new building they're putting in over across from HyVee is an ARBY'S, YAY!!!!! Ok so bye." and she hung up. She's so hilarious...we're such nerds, very easily amused. :o)

Ok off to comfy pants and Panera!!


Ashley said...

Mmm, Panera. Everything is so far from us. Even McD's is 15 minutes.

So sorry that baby is still sick!! Is she doing better yet? What does the Dr think it is? Poor baby...and mama!

Wendy said...

Yummy~I <3 Panera!