Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No sense

I have a million job duties at work. I've got a lot of crap to get done every day, and I can never get ahead. I've got 1 coworker(an old lady so close to retirement but not close enough as far as she's concerned) that sits at her desk 3/4 of the day doing nothing. Literally, nothing. Then there's the French lady, who I get coffee with every morning and sometimes lunch at McD's...she runs out of work fairly often also, and complains of being bored. Then my other cuby neighbor, she spaces her work out and surfs the net some of the day to make herself always look busy. Then there's the Chimp, as mentioned in previous post...who also never has anything to do. Her job was created by my boss because my boss is freaky anal about everything being done 2 wks ahead of time and she wants things quadruple checked before they get the "all clear." We didn't need the extra person, as she always complains of having nothing to do. Which means she frequently wanders around being nosy, coming over to stand behind me and see what I'm doing on the computer(I don't fully trust her) and bug me for work to do. This morning I let her key my JE's. After all I have a million things to get done. Do I need the help? NO....but she needs work, so by all means take mine, I don't give a crap. Actually she is working on a "special project" for my boss. Which means crap to fill up time so it looks like she has something to do so the big boss won't think hiring for that position was a mistake. SO...this all brings me to my gripe about my job and this dept. and how it's run. My job is by far the busiest position...I have lots of daily, weekly and monthly duties that have to be done. I get them done. But yet I get horrible reviews every year because supposedly I don't get things done on time and am constantly needing help. I have explained to my boss that people taking my work because they have nothing to do does not define "needing help" but apparently I'm just a shitty worker and don't know anything. I am told I need to get to where I have free time like everybody else. WHY??? Why in the world should it be our goal to be bored out of our minds with nothing to do? Their answer to that is to study...for stupid designation tests that I have absolutely NO desire to take. I could care less if I take any INS courses or get my CPCU designation. I am not striving to succeed in the insurance industry here. I'm striving to be the best possible worker I can be at MY POSITION, which for now pays my bills, and then when I have the option I am going to move on. And why, if everybody else is constantly having nothing to do, don't they even out the workload a bit? Give the JE's to Chimp and the Deposits to Old Lady. Oh but then I won't have anything to do, and GOD forbid I ever run out of work! It's ok for the rest of them, but for me, no! It doesn't make any sense. I get sick and tired of running aroung this place like a chicken w/ my head cut off, trying to do a million things at once and do them all right, and here 3/4 of my coworkers are all wandering around complaining that they have nothing to do. And I GET PAID THE LEAST OF ALL OF THEM!!!!!!! How is this all fair?

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