Tuesday, March 13, 2007


We had our Wellness screening here at work this morning. I fasted for 12 hrs before my 9:15 appt. (well not really, I ate a brownie at 10:15 last night, I forgot) and then had a 9:15 appointment to have my blood drawn. I freaking hate having my blood drawn. First of all I hate needles, and I hate the thought of a needle poking in your skin, in your vein and making you bleed...talk about anxiety, all freaking night I was worried about this. The last time I had my blood drawn was in the ER back in January and it was HORRIBLE. The lady was a manly biatch first of all, and she went right through my vein making blood spurt all over the floor like something out of a horror flick...it had dripped all over the bed, I mean it was everywhere. The dr. came in later and was like whoa what happened I thought you were just sick??!?!! So you can imagine I was a little worried about this morning. And which one of the 5 phlebotomist people do I get???!?!!! The old lady w/ really shaky hands that just poked a girl 5 times between both arms and couldn't get a single drop of blood. I warned her this does not go well for me, either they can't find a vein or it keeps rolling on them or they poke right through it. And then she "loses" my 8x10 piece of paper w/ my info on it. It's right in front of her face on the table. And what does she tell me? "I'm blind in one eye!" I shit you not. WOW I have awesome luck!! So she took my bp, something like 104 over 60 something, ok I have no idea what that means. Then she weighs me, yay 111, which means I just haven't gained my 2 lbs of food for the day yet. Then the needle prodding time comes. And lo and behold she pokes me, gets 2 vials of blood, says I have "excellent veins!" and that's that. Then I went and loaded up on the healthy breakfast they'd prepared for us...fresh fruit, muffins(the one w/ golden raisins was SO good!), yogurt and OJ. So it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would.

We got this new Quickbooks online subscription here at work and I HATE it. I don't recommend it. We had Quicken software before, and it worked just fine. But apparently it was so old they couldn't update it or something and they chose Quickbooks because it's online? I have no idea. But it's already causing me problems and I've only used it 2 days. I hate it. Of course I hate change, but seriously this program sucks. It moved a huge 6 figure transaction I entered into one company into another company this morning FOR NO REASON which made this tiny company look hugely overdrawn and of course my boss's boss was like "this can't be right blah blah blah" and he already doesn't like me as it is. I tried to tell him it's nothing I did but like he cares. Today is one of those days where I'm ready to run the hell out of here and never look back. I'm having EFT issues also so I need to go sort out that mess. My job is so not fun.

I have a skinny baby. She's lost so much weight being sick. She's so light when I pick her up, and her little pants aren't tight on her belly anymore. Seriously you can really tell how much she's lost, at least a lb. and that's a lot on such a short little booger like her. She's eating better though, and she's finally peeing more normally so that's good. Slept all night again last night too. So I think she's over it...hopefully!

I am not looking forward to lunch today, I didn't have anything good to bring. A beef cup of noodles, BLEGH. I cannot go out to eat everyday, as much as I want to, I just can't...we don't have that kind of money. But I really want McDonalds. :o( Oh yea I didn't get to clean my floors last night...right as I got home and was waiting for my mom to pick Miss H up, my dad called and got all pissy w/ me when I told him what we were doing. "You're MOM is taking her to HER house???? Well fine then." Apparently he thought from our conversation Sunday night that they were coming over to see H last night. I don't remember ever making those plans, but no problem. I told him that's fine(because I'm such a great daughter) that I could always shampoo the carpet Tuesday night instead since they have Bible study Tuesdays. So they came over(my dad, stepmom and little brother) and H refused to go inside(nature baby) she wanted to walk in the grass and check out all the trees and touch the fire hydrant etc. So we put her in the stroller and went on a long walk. My dad pushed her. It was so cute to see my dad pushing a baby stroller...you'd have to know him...he's this rough tough biker guy, he's had major problems being arrested and crap, he's just not a nice gentle lovey dad like you always hear about. He loved it, he had so much fun. They brought her her first Cabbage Patch Newborn, it's really cute and has that nice Cabbage Patch doll smell. She likes to feed it it's bottle. My dad cooked me some hamburger helper before they left. We had the windows open in the house, the weather was awesome! It was a really good night.

Ok I am really missing my husband...I was ok, and then last night I kinda started missing him a little more and then this morning I'm just a mess. I want him to come home. I talk to him on the phone at night and hear how tired he sounds, and he's not doing well at this tournament so that makes it hard for him to have any fun...I just want him home. Luckily he doesn't have another tournament for a couple weeks so we'll get to spend some time together. I just wanna give him a big ol hug. I hate it when he's gone. :o(

Ok gotta tackle this EFT problem now, FUN FUN...

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Wendy said...

I am sorry that you are missing your hubby! I hate being away from Michael! I am glad that he really has no reason to be gone for too long:) I hope that he gets home soon so that you can feel better:)