Saturday, March 17, 2007

It is March right??

Woke up this morning to's actually piling up and everything. And it's still coming down strong an hour and 1/2 later! I hope it doesn't last long. I was really done with snow this year.

SO TIRED...did not want to get up at 8 this morning when H woke up. She had pooped again. What's up with the morning poops lately? Not really what I want to do first thing in the morning, change poopy diaper. Good thing she's so stinking cute!

Went to Ruby Tuesday's last night for dinner to spend some family time since D is back home...we can't go anywhere without people talking to H and commenting on how cute she is. One older man came up to us and asked how old she is. We told him 11 months and he yelled at his wife..."honey 11 months!!!" We turned around, she was sitting a few booths behind us, and she said "Oh my, we have a granddaughter that's 14 months old and she doesn't have near as much hair as her! I just love her hair!!" We had it in pigtails, and she is VERY cute w/ her hair like that. D isn't used to being out and about w/ us like that since he's always so busy and gone, so he's not used to all the attention we get when we take H out. I could just see him beaming from ear to ear. It was too cute.

Spent like an hour after we got home last night looking for this black knit nightie thing I bought at Old Navy before the honeymoon...never wore it on the honeymoon, had just had H 3 months before and was still healing. So now I have no idea where it is and it's driving me nuts, it would be so comfy to sleep in this summer...but on the plus side while I was looking for it I found tons of clothes that I thought had disappeared!! YEA!! I'm very excited about that. And I found the tie thing to my robe that I'd been missing forever so that's pretty awesome.

I'm trying to decide how late I should let D sleep. If he doesn't get enough sleep he's no fun to be around, but I NEVER get to sleep in...I'd like to lay back down for like an hour. I love my soft warm bed!!!


Ashley said...

I cannot believe it's snowing there! It's sunny and 65 degrees here. Craziness. Do you know where Roach, MO is?

Wendy said...

We got all of our snow on Friday night! Yuck! Now we have 2 feet of snow to melt! I know it's like this every year but I still hate it:)