Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I do have feelings ya know

I love my mom to pieces, she's one of my best friends. And I love having her around all the time, we have so much fun together. But every now and then she'll make a comment that really hurts my feelings. Tonight as I'm sitting here on the couch folding a load of Miss H's laundry, eating applesauce and reading my email from D's friend Adam(can we say multi-tasking??) my mom is sitting in the recliner...I hand her the empty applesauce cup and ask her to put it in the bowl on the end table by the chair. And she says "It's a wonder you don't have bugs." WTF?!?! Ok my house is not dirty. A little bit unorganized and a tad messy, yes, but GAWD if you knew my husband and my hectic schedule you'd understand. But dirty, NO...and for the most part everything is picked up and in it's place. I mean jeez tonight when we got home H was asleep so I put her in our bed and I took out a bag of trash and a bunch of cardboard boxes to the dumpster, vacuumed out the utility room from where the litter box used to be and mopped my whole kitchen floor, moved my hampers into the laundry room area, emptied and rinsed the bottles from daycare today, put some random groceries away, opened the house up to air out in this wonderful weather, started a load of laundry, threw out some old food from the fridge...all within like 30 minutes. Ok I keep this place clean. I still haven't gotten to shampoo my living room floor, but I will get that done as soon as I have the time w/ somebody to watch H. But my point is, my mom KNOWS how much of a clean freak and perfectionist I am, and she knows how I sit and stress at work all day about the chores that need to be done here, she KNOWS I bust my ass and stay up really late getting stuff done around here...she knows how much I hate to have a messy/unclean house, I mean it stresses me out bad. And for her to make a comment like that, really really hurt my feelings. Yes one bowl that has dried hamburger helper juice in it from the night before is going to make me have bugs. ???? Seriously...that is rediculous. The only time I have ever had bugs, was the apt. before this we lived over this really nasty college guy w/ long greasy hair that I caught dealing drugs, he was just nasty, and we caught a few roaches coming up from his apartment which disgusted me to no end. I deep cleaned my whole kitchen both times I found one. And not to mention the cleanest people can have bugs...my stepmom is even more of a clean freak than I am, and my grandma is too...and they've both had ants a few times. I could go on and on...basically my feelings are very hurt and now I'm even more stressed that this place must be disgusting.

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