Thursday, March 1, 2007


Well Miss H was fine this morning when she woke up, even ate all her breakfast and drank a 6 oz. bottle...then I guess all that drainage she's been having made her tummy upset, and she threw up a bit of her breakfast and some snot. She threw up 2 times(not much, just a little) and her temp was 100 so the sitter called. She said I could leave her there because she knew it was just from her cold, but Miss H was just sitting there on her lap not wanting to play or way was I going to leave here there feeling like that. She was happy to see me, and she's acting ok. She's been napping for a couple hours now and she drank 6 oz. before she fell asleep. Hopefully she'll be better by tomorrow. She's acting fine, I think just a little upset tummy.

It's windy as heck here today, like blow you away storms though thank God.

At least tomorrow's Friday!!

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