Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Almost bedtime

I think things are finally getting back to normal with Miss H. She was actually in bed before 10 tonight, thank God. She fell right to sleep with her bottle like normal.

True to her Native American heritage, Miss H makes the traditional noise with her mouth and hand. She's been doing it for a while now by moving the back of her hand back and forth across her mouth. Now she loves for us to move her hand for her so she makes the noise really fast...if you don't do it she'll grab your hand and put it up to her mouth and then start making the noise.

Tonight while I was watching her eat dinner she pointed at my shirt(that has a buddha head on it, it's just an old night shirt) and said "man" clear as day. Of course she wouldn't say it again, so it was probably just a fluke, but how weird! And then I entertained her for the next 20 minutes, even though I feel like complete crap, by doing every dance that I know right there in the kitchen(which honestly isn't many, I'm not a big dancer)...she LOVES the running man. When I would stop dancing she'd shake back and forth and dance in her chair, like "keep going mom!" So I'd dance some more, and she'd laugh and smile. How great is that??

Looks like we're supposed to get some storms by a little after 11:00...right now they're pretty severe, golfball to baseball size hail, possibly tornadic...God I hope we don't get anything.

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