Friday, February 9, 2007

Watch for trains!

Ever since I was really little, when we would leave my grandma’s house we would always hear the same thing…”Watch for trains!” She lives in a small town with railroad tracks running right down the middle, like a lot of the small towns around here. So I’ve grown up being really paranoid about train tracks. I hate crossing them, I’m really paranoid about it. A few weeks ago we went to a little town up north to visit my aunt and uncle, see their new house, and see my cousin and her husband and daughter that were in town for the day. Again, a small town with a railroad running through the middle. When we were leaving my mom headed down the road going straight for the tracks. I told her there was a train coming. She said it was far away, and she started to cross the tracks. I told her it was not that far away, and then all of a sudden those bars started closing and the lights started flashing! So she sped up and got over the tracks in plenty of time, but it was still really scary! The next day she apologized to me, said that she’d been thinking about it all night and that she is so upset with herself for doing that and she should not have done it at all but especially since Miss H was in the car. I told her it’s fine, just don’t do it again. Well last night we stopped by my grandma’s after the visitation, and when we left my grandma said they had built a new overpass so we didn’t need to watch for trains anymore if we went all the way down the road before we crossed the tracks. Well my mom wanted to drive through downtown, so of course we still had to cross the tracks. She pulled up to the tracks, slowed WAY down, looked both ways…I finally asked her what she was doing and she said she wasn’t taking any chances this time. No trains are coming, so she starts over the tracks. And what does Miss H say? “Uh oh!” It was perfect timing. We cracked up laughing.

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