Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Mommy Song

Miss H went through a phase when she was about 4 to 6 months old where she LOVED to sing. She sang all the way home in the car, she sang in the store, everywhere, at all times. Then all of a sudden she stopped one day, and took to babbling constantly. She's learned real words, and she has a few made up ones that she likes to use a lot as well(we're still trying to figure out the exact meanings of those). But just in the past few days she has started singing what we call "The Mommy Song." I absolutely love it. It is the sweetest song ever. She just sings "mamamamamamamama" in this really high pitched singy voice. And I really do believe that she knows she's singing about me, because sometimes she'll look at me and start singing "mamamamama" and then wander off singing to the world. It's so cute. And now, she has a new version that she sometimes likes to sing, called "The Daddy Song." Last night we went to Walmart, which Miss H LOVES...she was babbling the whole time, sometimes really loud, yelling at people, yelling at food, talking to her new bear my mom was buying her, etc. Then D called. I put the phone up to her ear so he could talk to her(he hasn't seen her much lately he's been so busy with golf practice and work) and after she heard his voice she started singing "dadadadada" and he laughed so hard and said that was the cutest thing he's ever heard. So then the rest of the time we were in Walmart she would periodically break into song "dadadadada!" I can't wait until she's a little older and sitting in her car seat singing the songs we listen to. When I was little I LOVED Randy Travis. I have no idea why. But I would sit in the back when I was like 4 and 5 years old and belt out his songs as loud as I could. I remember my mom and grandma sitting in the front just laughing and talking about how cute it was. But no matter what Miss H decides she wants to sing in the future, The Mommy Song will always be my favorite!

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