Monday, February 5, 2007

Nothing in Particular...

Ok so today is going a little better. I still hurt all over (so weird??) but my husband is in a better mood and the day seems to be going by pretty fast. I also got the bills paid that needed to be paid and still have money left to get groceries tonight and still be set for the next month or so. Thank God for profit sharing! :o) I also finally called the hospital on my lunch break and got hubby added to the online claim viewing thing and made sure that after the insurance co. finally gets back to the hospital on why they didn’t pay our full claims for the emergency room trips we can just add those two amount to the amount we already owe for Miss H and keep paying the one low monthly payment. She said we could, which is VERY good news, because that one emergency room trip is going to cost us over $1000!! But it looks like if the hospital gets their way the insurance company will pick up more of the cost…I’m thinking yea right. But very nice of them to try, and without even letting us know. This hospital has been so great about letting me make payments on Miss H’s birth (which is paid off, yay!) and her hospital stay in July, it’s amazing.
Well I looked up my pain symptoms over lunch (I really must seem like a hypochondriac LOL) and the only thing I can come up with is either I have a case of some sort of flu or virus, which my sister did feel sick yesterday after being around me for a few days, and Miss H did spit up a couple times yesterday which isn’t normal for her and she was kind of fussy and not wanting to nap much but really tired at the same time, which is also not like her…so maybe it is just some sort of bug we’re passing around…but it could also be Fibromyalgia(sp??). My aunt has this and my grandma had it. My aunt’s been convinced for years that I have it too. It can go along with IBS, which I have. So I read up on it some more over lunch, and I just really don’t know…it does sound exactly like my problems, with sleeping and always feeling exhausted and the muscle aches. But I don’t have any of the 18 “sensitive points” that they say you have to have at least 11 of. So who knows? Basically I’m just breaking down LOL…I’m like an old woman in a 24 yr. old’s body! Alright, so enough about that.
So I’m going grocer shopping tonight and I’m trying to think of some different ideas for meals. I do spaghetti a lot, and things like hamburger and tuna helper. And I’m so BORED of those things. But I have no idea what else to make!! I need easy ideas, not too much prep. or fuss since Miss H doesn’t allow me hardly any cooking time. ???? Anybody have any ideas??
It’s supposed to get up to about 38 tomorrow, WOOHOO!! That sounds warm compared to the weather we’ve been having! Course then it’s supposed to get cold again…BLAH

Well my husband found out the hard way this weekend that he really needs to start watching his mouth. Miss H was lying on the floor while he changed her poopy diaper and he said something about cleaning up shit, and Miss H looked over at my sister and I and said plain as day “shit.” We all just kind of looked at each other, shocked. I told him “See, she’s going to start repeating everything you say!” We’ll see if it helped him clean up his potty mouth any. He’s not really bad, but he does cuss here and there. He also throws her balls in the house, hitting me, the tv, our family photo…I got onto him so many times Saturday I lost count. Do they ever grow up?!?!?

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On a more positive note, I found out this weekend that Miss H likes peas!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Finally, a fellow pea-lover in the family. The cans no longer have to sit in my cupboard getting dusty. I can break them out and start making them for dinner. I’m really surprised at this because she HATED the pea baby food…it made her gag so bad every time. But she loves picking up the peas and she shoves them in her mouth in handfuls. And she likes carrots, and bananas, even lima beans! I’m so glad…I was so afraid she’d grow up only liking meat and potatoes like her daddy. Although he has started eating green beans in the past few years…

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Wendy said...

I just got on your blog and I have been catching up:) I also used to cook the same old thing! The hubby never complained but I am sure he was tired of the same old thing!So, I went on and ordered their free magazine that has awesome, easy recipes. Of course they are not all healthy so you just switch some of the ingredients but other than that it has been a great change for us!