Monday, February 12, 2007

Random thoughts...

Ok so it’s mid-afternoon and today has been a horribly busy day at work and my head is already pounding. I don’t know what’s up with these headaches lately. Hubby has been getting them too and he NEVER gets headaches. BLAH

So I’m trying to come up with something to do for D for Valentine’s Day. I still haven’t gotten him a card. I looked at Hallmark a while back and couldn’t find anything. Miss H found one she liked for him though, it has Tweety Bird on it. She really did pick it out, she pointed and pointed “dat!” and I read the inside and it was actually pretty cute. I think I may just get him a card and write something in it about him getting a Wii. I told him if he promised to be the best husband ever and start helping around the house more we could get a Wii with some of the tax money when we get it. Course now he’s thinking he wants an X Box instead. Men… at least he’s not into computer games too, and at least he doesn’t play all the time or anything. But I’m also trying to decide if we’ll do anything this weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or just give each other our cards and call it a day. I don’t want to leave Miss H with anyone overnight so we can go to a late movie…and we’re tired of all the places to eat around here unless it’s one of the really expensive places, and we don’t have the money for that like we used to. So I guess we’ll probably end up not doing anything. But that’s ok too.

I’ve also started thinking about whether or not we’re going to do anything for our 1 year anniversary in July. My mom thinks we should go back to the Lake for a weekend. But I don’t really want to be away from Miss H that long again. It was nice when she was only a few months old because I DESPERATELY needed the rest, but I did miss her while we’re gone and now I don’t particularly feel like going away for the weekend without her. Would it be weird to go away for the weekend and take her??? Hmm….that idea just popped into my head. I’m not a romantic person by any means, it’s not like I’m wanting candle lit dinners or anything like that. We could make it our first little family vacation! I’ll have to remember to talk to hubby about this tonight. The resort we went to was a family resort. Miss H would love it, she could feed the fish and swim in the pools…sounds like a lot of fun!!

There’s another thing I’ve been thinking about lately. Miss H’s first birthday. It’s coming up in a couple months and I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. The thought of having the whole family over to our house really stresses me out. Think of the chaos and the mess they would make on my floors! I know that sounds insane. But I’m not one to have people over to my house unless it’s just a couple people I’m close to or something, like my sister or my mom. If it’s nice we could have it at a park. But what if the weather sucks that day? Also, there’s the family issues. Of course my mom will be there. And D’s parents and his brother and my sister in law with my nephew. But my dad and stepmom won’t come because they aren’t celebrating birthdays anymore. Which is upsetting. And then do I invite friends? Plus, the really big upsetting thing here, is the fact that D won’t be here for Miss H’s first birthday. And he won’t be here for her second birthday either. This really really upsets me. He has a really big important tournament over her birthday both years. He did last year also but he missed it because her due date was the 15th. He kept saying watch I’ll miss the tournament and she’ll be born a week late and I will have missed it for nothing. But of course she was born just a day before her due date, and it was a good thing he didn’t go. But now that means for the next two of her birthdays he’ll be gone. Then he’ll be done with school. Everybody keeps saying oh she’s so young she won’t know the difference. But I do, and I hate it that he won’t be in any of the pictures, and that one day she’ll be old enough to ask why daddy wasn’t there. But there’s nothing I can do about it. Anyway back to the location. Maybe planning it at a park would be the best way to go. And then if it does rain we can do it at the house. At least this year it isn’t so close to Easter!

Ok I don’t know if I have written about this already…but I am in DESPERATE need of a haircut. I hate my hair. I mean I really really hate my hair. It is curly. But not pretty curly. It’s nappy frizzy curly…except on the sides…the sides are fine and almost straight. Unless I wear it in a pony tail, which I do every single day now…then I have these frizzy curly flyaways around my face from where I’ve lost so much hair since I’ve had Miss H. It’s really thick too. Just brushing the tangles out of it in the morning literally gets me winded and makes my arm hurt. Seriously. Especially if I take a shower in the morning and try to brush it wet. That’s almost a joke. I’ve been wanting to get it cut since Miss H was a couple months old but first I didn’t want to get it cut before the wedding, then hubby convinced me not to when he told me how much he loves me wearing my hair down curly. Then October came, and I tried to wear my hair down to the Pumpkin Fest, and it just looked like crap. Thin on the sides and frizzy and BLEGH. And I haven’t worn it down since, except when we got our pictures taken for Christmas and for that I straightened it and it just made my face look fat doing it that way. I was going to make an appointment for this past weekend but then we were supposed to get Miss H’s pictures taken with my nephew and I didn’t want to over schedule our weekend…so maybe I’ll schedule it for this weekend. I’m going to get it cut to my shoulders with a few layers around my face. I got it cut like that a few years back and loved it, it actually looked like I had somewhat of a style. Right now it’s just pretty much all one length, no bangs, and it’s down past the middle of my back. Just the thought of my hair stresses me out! LOL But I cannot WAIT to get it cut…I love getting my hair cut, but it’s something I usually only do about once a year. I love that feeling of my hair being so light and short after it’s been so long and heavy for way too long. Hopefully the cut turns out cute this time!

Ok I think a lot of this post has turned out to be me bitching and whining LOL…I really didn’t mean for it to be that way. But still, I have to gripe about how I’ve gained back 4 lbs. over the last couple weeks. 4 freaking pounds! I know it’s because I’ve been so tired and sick I haven’t been doing much at all…add that to the fact that all that has sounded good to me lately is fast food and it’s no wonder I’ve gained so much weight in so little time. Even if I have been eating hardly anything at all. Well that’s probably another issue. I’m sure my body’s stockpiling every little bit of food it can get. But I just haven’t had an appetite lately! I started to wonder if I wasn’t preggo again because it almost feels like morning sickness and with the exhaustion and everything. But I took a test, and I’m not of course…plus I don’t have the cramping I had with Miss H anyways. I think I just have the winter blues and we’ve been passing a lot of crud back and forth in the family.

Ok here’s a bit of news that is actually good and not at all depressing or upsetting! My father in law is getting his knee replaced the 26th of this month. That sounds like it would be upsetting, but it’s not, because he’ll be in a lot less pain afterwards and be able to do more things…plus, after that he’s not going back to work. Ever! He’s going to retire! I am so incredibly happy for him. He’s got like 6 weeks of vacation built up so he can just take that after his surgery and then he plans on never going back! He’s worked at this one place his whole life, and he’s worked his way up to where he’s a supervisor of some department or something. He’s not quite 65 yet, I can’t remember exactly how old but I know he’s got quite a few years to go til he hits that age. But he’s still financially able to retire already. How cool is that? He’s looking forward to having more time with his grandkids, and to hunt and fish and things like that. And he’s thinking of getting a part time job at Bass Pro, because how cool would that be to work there…and he’d get a discount. So he’s really excited about the whole thing, and we’re excited for him.

Oh my gosh the day is almost over already. I’ve written bits and pieces of this post here and there, and I’ve been so busy with work today that I looked down and it’s already like an hour before quitting time! Thank God it’s gone by fast. I actually have some energy today, hopefully I can go home and get the kitchen cleaned up!

Have a great night everybody!

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Ashley & Charles said...

Ummm, somehow I doubt your face looks fat, even if you gained a few pounds! Do you ever round brush your hair with a dryer? I do that, then straighten it. Mine is nappy curly too, and I can't let it go naturally. Uh uh, it's uuugly. You'll have to post a pic of the back of your hair when you get it cut.

What's up with your nephew? Why do they teach him to hit?

HAve you gotten like a foot of snow too? Our schools are already cancelled for tomorrow.