Monday, February 26, 2007

The Birds

This may be incredibly boring to some of you, but it's fascinating to me. Tonight when I got home there were birds EVERYWHERE. They were all chattering and huge flocks were flying through the sky in black clouds, and then a lot of them decided to land in 2 of the trees outside our house. The noise from them was incredible, it was so neat. And of course when I took my cat outside, she didn't even care, she wanted to get down and roll around on the dirty concrete...she's not much of a cat LOL Anyway then a car honked it's horn out on the street and it sent all the birds flying, which of course led to a raining of bird poop. Seriously it sounded like rain, it was crazy. I got a pic after about 1/3 of them had settled back down, not NEAR as many as there were before.

Also I have to write about the geese. I drive by a conservation place on the way to take Miss H to the sitter's every day(I go the back roads, much more scenic and much less traffic) and they have these little ponds they use for fish studies. 2 of the ponds they keep heated over the winter, they're always steaming. Every single morning when I would drive by, these 2 ponds were full of little bobbing geese, sleeping w/ their heads tucked under their wings. I thought it was so neat that they had a nice warm place to sleep for the night. Now that it's warmed up some the geese are always down the road in a field w/ little green sprouts all over the place...but now they're there by the hundreds. It's really a neat sight.

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Ashley & Charles said...

They do that over here too, huge flocks of birds, easily in the thousands, all over the sky. I thought they were clouds the first time I saw them. I also have a picture of them in the trees too. It's pretty cool, but it also reminds me of that Hitchcock movie, "The Birds." Creepy.