Monday, February 19, 2007


Has anybody heard about how Britney Speare’s shaved her head? What the hell is wrong with this girl? She really is getting very strange. I feel so sorry for her kids. Has anybody ever seen a picture of her 2nd baby even? He’s not even going to know her, it doesn’t seem like she’s ever home. Who’s taking care of her kids, nannies, her family???? I saw pictures of her after she shaved her head, the girl looks messed up, drunk or high or something. The whole thing is just so weird. And when they asked her if this signaled a new beginning or something like that, she said “sort of”….what’s that supposed to mean? I think she should have stayed in rehab instead of checking out after what only one day or something…the girl obviously needs some major help.

Well I was up part of last night with stomach pains, so that sucked. But I was ok when I got up this morning…I plugged in my flat iron and washed my face and whatnot waiting for it to heat up. When I go to straighten my hair that has turned into an afro poof over night(ok maybe not that bad) it doesn’t do a thing to it. I felt the iron…freaking cold as ice. It died on me! It still turned on, it just didn’t heat up at all! Of all times for that to happen! So I had to come to work this morning with my hair up in this little bobbed pony tail w/ half of it hanging down still all funky from bed head LOL and nobody’s really said anything because I know it looks like crap. So I guess I’ll be going to Walmart tonight and spending even MORE money, to get a new flat iron…I feel like I’ve put us in the poor house lately spending so much! It’s just amazing all the crap we needed. I still have yet to look for a baby gate. At least Miss H will have clothes to wear this spring and summer!

It’s supposed to be in the 60’s today, WOOHOO!! I want all this snow to melt, I don’t want any of it left! I’m so stinking tired of snow! The bad thing is the Farmer’s Almanac says we’ll have one more big snow storm this year before the season’s over. So that sucks, but hopefully it’ll be wrong! We have electric heat but our utility bill is still eating us alive. The insulation in our place must not be very good because we have to keep the heat up to 74 while we’re home just so we don’t freeze! Luckily Miss H’s room is the warmest in the house, and if I turn it up higher than 74 she gets too hot at night even though we’re still freezing. I’m adding that to my list of “Things I Want When We Buy a House”…….good insulation!

Here’s the list so far, what I can remember of it anyway…I’ll add to it as I think of new things…I’ve got a long list after living in rentals my whole life! I know we’ll have to customize after we buy a place…I don’t need anything fancy, just not crappy LOL

Things I Want When We Buy a House

-Good insulation!
-A nice deep tub to soak in
-Some sort of nice linoleum in the bathrooms, maybe something that looks like stone tiles or something…I’m really sick of carpet in the bathroom too, and I’m also sick of the nasty peel and stick industrial looking linoleum tiles in these rentals, no matter how much I clean it it always looks dirty.
-That linoleum that looks like wood floors in the kitchen and dining room…NO CARPET!
-New stove, microwave, fridge(w/ an ice maker!)
-Darker counter tops in the kitchen, something that won’t stain…we have cream colored counters in the rental now (we did in the apt. too) and D is SO MESSY…he’s always spilling Kool-Aid powder all over the place and leaving it to stain
-More counter space in the kitchen
-A nice deep sink in the kitchen, with one of those sprayers…I had one in the apt. and I miss it so much now that our new place doesn’t have one!
-A ceiling light in the bedroom, lamps do NOT provide enough light for me!
-3 bedrooms, preferably w/ another little area for an office, and 2 bathrooms
-A walk in closet at least in the master bedroom if not in the other bedrooms as well
-Really good carpet that stands up to wear and tear really well…I’m sick of this cheap crap they put in rentals that doesn’t do well in high traffic and always feels so dirty no matter how much you shampoo it(I would kind of like hard wood I think but D would never go for it)
-One level, no stairs…unless it has a basement, that would be great(that way D could set up his little hunting/golf area downstairs to store all his crap and we’d also have room to store all the baby stuff etc….which leads me to the next item on my list)
-STORAGE out the whazoo
-2 car garage preferably, but at least 1 car garage…enough room to store our bikes(which are now at our parents’ houses because we don’t have the storage room, which makes it hard to go bike riding in the summer which we LOVE to do
-A bigger laundry area w/ places to hang clothes and a table to fold clothes on
-I would love to have a little mud room w/ a sink where D can come in from golf or hunting or whatever and peel of his dirties there instead of tracking mud in all over the carpet and leaving his hunting clothes in the middle of the dining room floor…the mud room would also be a great place to keep the litter box, which is now next to my washer right off the kitchen so there’s always cat litter tracked all over my kitchen floor no matter how much I vacuum it up!
-A fenced in back yard for Miss H to play in
-Big windows like the place we live in now has…I like natural lighting

Ok I can’t think of anything else right now. On to something else…

I need to start thinking of birthday gifts for Miss H and I can’t come up with anything…the only thing I can think of is one of those outdoor plastic climb/play sets by brands like Fisher Price and Little Tykes because she loves to climb, but they are so expensive! Evidently they don’t make the little bitty ones anymore like I’ve seen people have…all I can find is bigger ones that cost an arm and a leg. I thought about getting her a ball pit, just one of the little inflatable ones, because she LOVES the one the sitter has…but really I’d have to give it to her now because that’s something she really likes right now. It would have to be an early bday present. What on earth do you get 1 year old little girls? She’s got Weebleot, and the Weeble’s cottage…she’s got books…I just don’t know what else to even suggest to people to get her, or even what to get her from us! I need ideas…anybody have any???

Miss H has been wanting up on the couch lately. She’ll fuss and fuss trying to climb up there until we put her up there. She’ll sit there for a minute with a huge grin on her face and then she wants to stand up and bounce or jump or whatever else that’s rough and could possibly cause her to fall off and break her neck. She can be dainty and girly, but she is definitely a rough and tough little thing too. Yesterday she was pushing all the buttons on the VCR when she slipped and rammed her face right into the hard metal pull knob on entertainment unit door…I just froze, I thought she was going to scream. But she just sat up, turned around and looked at me, and I said “uh oh!” like I always do and she just calmly turned and started playing. It seems like as long as I act like it’s not that big of a deal, if she’s not really hurt, she doesn’t cry or anything and just goes on. I am definitely always paranoid that she’ll get hurt and if she was really hurt I would comfort her and take care of her in a heart beat, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a lot more laid back than the majority of the people I know around here that have kids. My sister in law is especially jumpy…I remember when my nephew W was a baby and learning to sit up on his own, I was on the floor with him and I had his Boppy set up around him so if he fell back he’d fall on it. I have plenty of experience with babies, I have a niece and 5 nephews and my little brother was born when I was 12. I knew what I was doing with W. I wasn’t going to let him get hurt. Well he fell back, and I let him, because he needed to learn cause and effect…you lean back, you fall back…he had to learn his balance! Well my sister in law gasped really loud, jumped up as soon as he fell onto the Boppy, and grabbed him. She sheltered that boy so much, he is going to be 2 next month but he has no personality whatsoever and he is very behind in development (I mean the boy hasn’t really changed a bit from age 1 to age 2 except he can run now(quite clumsily) and say a few more words than before, all pronounced wrong which they don’t correct). And when he falls or knocks into something he screams this blood curdling scream…I can’t even be around him, I literally have to leave the room it is that loud…I’m not exaggerating. And he’s always fine, he’s never really hurt. She’s just made him think that every time he barely falls he’s going to die or something. They must think I’m a horrible parent when Miss H tries to climb on top of the Fisher Price barn and knocks in over, falling on top of it herself and I just say “uh oh, get back up and dust yourself off!” And she does, and she’s perfectly fine…

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Ashley & Charles said...

I feel bad for Britney. I think she's just screwed up now.

My advice on the 1st birthday (and it's just MY opinion), don't worry about it! She won't remember or care what she gets. Get her a cake she can smash, get some cute pics and call it a day. We got P an Elmo doll and had family together. It was fun, and she'll never know the difference. But...just my opinion!!! :)

Oh, to have the perfect house. Charles brought home insulation last night for our basement. Definitely a must. Don't you want a basement though, being in tornado country? That was a definite must for me.