Thursday, February 1, 2007

My tooth

Well I went to get my wisdom tooth pulled today and they wouldn't pull it because the roots are way too long and deep. So he filed the tooth down, and it was still biting down on my gum...he numbed me really well to take away the pain and then he irrigated the tooth below and filed a sharp edge on it down. My sister took me, I HATE anything to do with the dentist. I have to say I think I was more nervous to have a tooth pulled today than I was to give joke. My sister then came over the house afterwards, she's so sweet. Right about time to pick up Miss H, the numbness started to wear off and I started to be in pain again. Luckily when we got back home I took some Ibuprofin and that helped. And my boss was really nice about me having to be gone this afternoon, so that made the whole situation a lot better stress there. Now that I'm on the Ibuprofin it's not hurting near as bad and I think I actually might be able to get some sleep tonight, thank GOD. I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday too, I plan on getting some rest this weekend so next week won't be as bad as this week has been. And with my tooth not hurting it should be even better.
Wow so we're watching this thing on VH1 right now about Tupac...did you have any idea that he was actually a really straight guy, went to a performing arts school, wore nice sweaters, read Shakespeare etc??? He looked like this big nerd! WOW I had no clue...he just ACTED gangster. Wow you never know about people.

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Emmakirst said...

yayyyy comments!!!

I've been reading an you didn't have a comment area.
Anyway, ouch on the teeth, i truly think teeth are worse than labor. Well my philosophy is it doesn't hurt to get pregnant, after that you have no choice as to what you have to do to get through it! lol. I would much prefer pain free though!!!

I didn't know that about tupac either, i really thought he was a badass.