Friday, February 16, 2007


I'm so excited, I'm leaving work in an hour and going to pick up Miss H. We're going to go home and change clothes, then we're stopping by the elementary school my mom works at...then we're going to a local pizza place and sharing a little pizza, just the two of us. I think I'm going to take her to Barnes and Noble and let her pick out a couple new books...she's never been there before, she's going to be in Heaven with all those books to choose from! I'm so glad I get to spend the afternoon with her, and that we have the whole weekend coming up to spend together. We rarely do anything just the two of us, so this afternoon should be fun.

Our sitter is having tooth issues lately so she scheduled an appointment for today at 10:00. Instead of closing for the day and making the parents of the kids take off work or find another sitter for the day, the sitter's husband took off for a few hours to go home and watch the kids while she's gone. I thought that was so incredibly nice of him! He's a really good guy, Miss H loves him. And I have to give him a TON of credit, because my husband would never do that in a million years...he'd tell me to just close down for the day! I am so thankful that I have a sitter that never has to take off for anything personal. The only time she had to close was when all the kids and families(including us) got really sick over a weekend. My friend's sitter is closing ALL THE TIME, and still expects to be paid for all those days, it's crazy.

I finally heard from my sister...she called me this morning at work. Said she's been sick lately and been working at her new job, and that she'd tried to call me last night and I didn't answer...I don't have any missed calls on my phone but it does do that sometimes...but I'm just glad I know she's ok. I was getting really worried. I need to think of something to get her for her birthday, she'll be 20 on the 24th!

Well I'm off to enjoy my afternoon, hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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Wendy said...

I am watching kids at home and that is one of my biggest challenges! Trying to find time for my own apts. without having to close or inconvenience my parents! UGH! One of the only things I miss about working outside of the home!